Hidden Gem Hall

Hidden Gem Hall Spaces: New Term Edition

As you return to campus, many things will be new – the term, your classes and schedule – and you may need new spots to hang out or study in. Find your new favorite campus space by checking out these residence hall spots.
Learning and Outcomes Report

Learning and Outcomes Report

Each year, we ask our residents to give us feedback on how we’re doing so we can better serve them. We turn this data and other departmental information into an annual report.
Sky view of Kinsolving Hall on UT Austin campus

Fall Departure

Before leaving the on-campus residence halls for winter break, be sure you’ve completed the fall departure process applicable to you by Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 9 a.m. when the halls close.

Hidden Gem Hall Spaces: Nice Weather Edition

As fall sets in and the weather starts to cool a bit, check out these outdoor residence hall spaces.
Hidden Gems - Dobie rooftop

Hidden Gem Hall Spaces: Finals Edition

As finals week nears, gear up to study or take a moment to relax at these serene residence hall spaces.
Jester Center: Celebrating 50 Years

Jester Center: Celebrating 50 Years

See how this iconic fixture has enriched lives on campus over its 50+ years as a student hub.
Barista at Littlefield Patio Cafe

The New Buzz on Campus

Get caffeinated at our newly renovated coffee shops conveniently situated on both ends of campus.
Building Community

Building Community at UT Austin

Find out how our resident assistants help students feel at home.