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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates
The university is requiring students to move out from the residence halls. Instructions on moving out and frequently asked questions can be found below. Please continue to check our COVID-19 page for updates.

FAQ’s for students living in undergraduate on-campus housing

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the university navigates these challenging and unprecedented times caused by the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). To slow the spread of COVID-19, the university is moving to remote learning on March 30 for the rest of the spring semester and the residence halls are closing except for emergency housing cases. This FAQ will help provide the information you need under these new circumstances.

Can I return to campus to move out during the City of Austin Stay Home – Work Safe order?

  • Students are still permitted to return to campus to collect their belongings and move out of the residence halls per the City of Austin Stay Home – Work Safe order. The order allows essential travel to return from or to a place of residence from outside the jurisdiction (e.g., returning home from a closing university).
  • University Housing and Dining will continue to follow social distancing guidelines and practices during the move-out process.
  • Students who wish to change their check-out time can reschedule in the housing portal or call the housing office for assistance (512) 471-3136.

What does this mean for students in emergency housing?

  • All students on campus are asked to remain in their room and only leave for essential functions.
  • Students in emergency housing will be in a single room with their own bathroom.

What is the procedure for moving out of the residence halls?
  1. The halls closed on March 30 at 11:59 p.m. and only residents who have been approved for emergency housing may remain in the residence halls.
  2. If you are currently away from Austin, we are encouraging you to plan to move out between now and May 20.

    • To support social distancing, we are asking that students sign up for a check-out date and time that works with their schedule through a link on our housing portal. Please log in and select Checkout Scheduler. This is a process only students can complete because of the use of the UT EID and password which only students should have.

    • For your convenience, there will be check-out time slots seven days a week.

    • Students’ room and board refunds will not be affected by when they come to get their belongings during this time period.

    • ID cards will only be active for students during the window around their check-out time.

  3. When you are ready to move your belongings out of your residence hall room:

    • Please adhere to social distancing guidelines. Your health and safety is our first priority. Please do not crowd lobbies or elevators. Staff may ask students to disperse and wait in the event that more than 10 individuals are in one area.

    • Please bring your own packing and moving supplies.

    • Parking

      ▪ You will find several loading zone spaces by the residence halls for which no permit is needed.

      ▪ The Brazos and 27th Street Garages are open and free of charge.

      ▪ Please do NOT park in any disabled parking spaces or blocking a fire lane. Vehicles in violation will be ticketed and towed for safety.

      ▪ For specific questions about parking, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at parking@utexas.edu.

  4. Please drop off your key at the 24-hour front desk of your residence hall.

    • If the front desk is open, a University Housing and Dining staff member will assist you.

    • If the front desk is not open, we will have a drop-box available to deposit your key. A phone number for staff assistance will also be posted.

    • Please place your key in one of the provided key envelopes and include your name and room number.

    • We will not do room inspections upon check-out. However, egregious or intentional damages to the room may be charged to the resident.

    • If you have already moved all of your belongings out and do not need to return to campus, please contact us at housing@austin.utexas.edu to arrange returning your key and officially checking out. You may also mail your key to:
    University Housing and Dining
    P.O. Box 7666
    Austin TX, 78713

    When mailing your key, please include your name and EID and ensure the key is not loose in the envelope to reduce the risk of losing the key during shipment.

What if I need assistance moving out due to a disability or being physically unable to move out?
  • If you were to require assistance due to a disability, please contact University Housing and Dining at housing@austin.utexas.edu.
Do residents at 2400 Nueces and University Apartments have to move out?
  • No, this does not apply to students living in 2400 Nueces or University Apartments.
  • With the announcement of the City of Austin Stay Home – Work Safe order, we are extending the contract release notification deadline to April 15. If a resident from 2400 Nueces wants to move out, they will need to send their contract release request to housing@austin.utexas.edu and sign up for a check-out time using the link posted on the main housing website. Their key must be returned to the 2400 Nueces front desk upon move-out.
  • If a resident from University Apartments wants to check-out, they should request a contract release by April 15 by contacting University Apartments staff at uhd.apartments@austin.utexas.edu.
How are you going to maintain social distancing when so many students are moving out?
  • We ask that everyone please adhere to social distancing guidelines. Your health and safety is our first priority. Please do not crowd lobbies or elevators.
  • We will be scheduling no more than 10 students between floors to reduce volume on campus doing check out.
  • Staff may ask students to disperse and wait in the event that more than 10 individuals are in one area.
Can I get emergency housing if I am self-isolating or quarantined?
  • Yes. Students who require self-isolation or quarantine will be housed in self-contained spaces off campus where they do not share bathroom or living facilities with other individuals. Our dining services will provide non-perishable and microwavable food items.
If I am in emergency housing can I come and go as I want?
  • Students in emergency housing will be asked to limit their travel in and out of the residence hall for their safety and in the interest of public health.
  • Additionally, please be advised that for emergency housing:
    • Desk services will be limited
    • No equipment check-outs will be available, including kitchen equipment
    • Lounges will not be open and there will not be residence hall programming
    • No guests will be permitted
Will university staff be on campus to help support students in emergency housing?
  • San Jacinto Hall staff will be available to support students and be on call for emergencies. Cypress Bend Café will operate on a limited schedule.
Will my room and board be pro-rated?
  • Refunds will vary from student to student based on room type.
  • The refund includes a prorated reimbursement of the unlimited meal plan.
  • Students’ refunds are not be affected by when they come to get their belongings.
How was my refund calculated?
  • University Housing and Dining issued refunds for all students by April 1. The credit posted to your account was issued for the balance you have in Dine-In-Dollars and a prorated amount for your housing and the unlimited dining meal plan.
  • These amounts will be applied to any outstanding bills, fees and other unpaid costs (such as installment charges) currently on your student account.
  • The refund was not impacted by move-out date. All refunds were calculated based on the March 21 contract cancellation date.
When will I be able to see my refund amount?

Refunds were sent to student accounts receivable the week of March 30 and can be viewed in Where’s My Check.

Can I verify my Dine-In-Dollars balance prior to the refund?

Yes, if you process a transaction download here, the entry titled ‘Additions/Adjustments’ represents the balance of Dine-In Dollars that was refunded.

Will my financial aid change?
  • There is no impact to financial aid.
What if I am unable or don’t want to leave? Am I able to stay on campus?
  • Only students who were approved for emergency housing will be allowed to stay temporarily on campus until May 20.
Can I return to campus to pick up personal belongings and move out later?
  • Students returning to campus will be required to check out of their residence hall room. Exceptions will only be made for emergency situations, and made on a case-by-case basis. If an exception is granted, students will still need to move everything out of their room and check-out no later than May 20. If you have a question about returning to the halls or check out, please contact the University Housing and Dining office (512) 471-3136.
What if I can’t retrieve my belongings between now and May 20?
  • We are asking residents to collect their belongings and check out before May 20. However, if this isn’t possible, you may arrange for a designated person or a moving service to pack and move your belongings for you.
  • A resident will need to select a date and time for the third-party mover to enter their residence through a link on our housing portal. Please log in and select Checkout Scheduler. This is a process only students can complete because of the use of the UT EID and password which only students should have. Once you have scheduled a check-out date, you will need to email us at housing@austin.utexas.edu and provide the name(s) of anyone entering your space to collect your belongings. Staff will ask for identification from the third-party movers prior to allowing them into the hall. Once approved, staff will grant access to the building and room. If the resident’s roommate(s) have not checked out, both/all roommates must authorize the third party to enter the room. The roommates need to create a plan for how they will determine whose belongings are whose. University Housing and Dining is not responsible for any broken or misplaced items. University policy prohibits employees from making third-party endorsements, so University Housing and Dining is unable to endorse any companies for moving.

  • Students’ refunds will not be affected by when they come to get their belongings.

What should I do about my Commuter Meal Plan?
  • You will receive a refund for any unused funds as of March 21. Refunds will take up to 30 days from March 21 to complete.
What are my dining options if I am on campus?
  • Starting Monday, March 30, students living in San Jacinto Hall can purchase carry out meals for $5.00 each from Cypress Bend Cafe between 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. They can also shop in the convenience store during these hours.
How frequently are common rooms cleaned?
  • Our facilities staff are cleaning and disinfecting daily. All high touch areas, such as door handles, faucet handles, flush handles, elevator buttons and drinking fountains are disinfected a minimum of two times daily. We rotate disinfectants to increase effectiveness of eliminating germs.
How do I get my mail?
  • To ensure you receive any newly incoming mail, please update your permanent mailing address on UT Direct and be sure to notify entities that send you personal bills, subscriptions, etc. Once your address is updated, any new mail will be forwarded for one month after you have moved out.
  • All existing mail and packages will be transferred to the Jester Mail Center which is open 9 a.m. - noon; 1 – 5 p.m. through May 20. After May 20, unclaimed items will be returned to sender.
  • We are unable to forward any mail or packages we have already received. If you would like to have someone pick up a package or mail for you, please send an email to housing@austin.utexas.edu with your name and EID and the name of the person who is picking it up.