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September 25, 2023
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Are you a current resident interested in continuing your home on the Forty experience next year? Learn about the application process for returning residents and apply to live with us again in an on-campus residence hall, Dobie Twenty21 or 2400 Nueces.

Returning to the On-Campus Residence Halls and Dobie Twenty21

Our returning resident application process is similar to the one you completed to get your current housing contract. While there is no deadline to apply through the housing portal, the priority deadline to complete your application and submit the $50 non-refundable application fee is Oct. 31.

Beginning Nov. 1, contracts for returning residents will be offered based on application date order and availability. Accept your contract and provide the $300 advance payment to access the contract signature page. Once you’ve signed your contract, you can provide your building and roommate preferences as well as any accommodation requests.

We offer three room selection options for returning residents. To remain in your current room, Same Room Sign Up occurs Nov. 1 – 15. If your room is not available for reselection, Early New Room Sign Up is open from Nov. 16 – 18. For those looking to select a different room for the upcoming academic year, New Room Sign Up is from Nov. 22 – 28.

Please note that we prioritize first-time freshmen in our residence hall contract process, and we may limit the number of contracts we offer to returning students based on the expected size of the incoming class. In all cases, it is best to apply as soon as possible.

For more information and FAQs on the on-campus residence hall returning process, visit our returning residents page. To learn more about the returning process for Dobie Twenty21, visit our Dobie Twenty21 returning residents page.

Living at 2400 Nueces

As a current 2400 Nueces resident or a returning resident currently living in the on-campus residence halls or Dobie Twenty21, you are eligible to live at this West Campus apartment complex that offers an off-campus experience with on-campus services steps away from campus.

Current 2400 Nueces Resident Renewal Process

Current residents of 2400 Nueces apply in the housing portal and submit a non-refundable $50 application fee. Residents with a current 12-month contract will be able to renew their current room assignment for the same length of time. If residents are current 9-month contract holders or switching to a 9-month contract, they will be assigned a room by our housing team. Room transfer requests are not guaranteed due to limited availability.

Beginning in mid-October, contracts for current 2400 Nueces residents are offered in application date order, so apply as soon as possible. Current residents who apply after the contract offer process begins will be in line for a possible offer with new applicants. They are not guaranteed their same room, and direct transfers are not available. Once you receive your housing offer, pay your $300 advance payment and sign your contract.

Read more about the application process for returning 2400 Nueces residents.

New 2400 Nueces Resident Process

If you are a current resident in one of the on-campus residence halls or Dobie Twenty21, you can apply now to live at 2400 Nueces. Take virtual tours to explore your apartment options and choose from a 9-month contract or 12-month contract when you apply in the housing portal and pay your $50 non-refundable application fee. Residents with a 9-month contract must vacate their room at the end of the spring term in May, while residents who opt for the 12-month contract must vacate at the end of the summer.

Starting in November, contracts are offered in application date order, so the sooner you apply for housing, the better your chance of getting a contract. A $300 advance payment must be submitted through the housing portal prior to signing your contract. If you sign a 12-month contract, you’ll self-select your room preference and your roommate. If you opt for the 9-month contract, you will receive your room and roommate assignment based on your preferences.

To learn more about the 2400 Nueces application process and FAQs, visit the 2400 Nueces future residents page.

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