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Live With Us Again

Learn about the application process for returning residents and apply to live with us again in an on-campus residence hall, Dobie Twenty21 or 2400 Nueces.
Three students posing for a picture with their meals inside J2 Dining

Where to Eat on the Forty

Whether or not you’re a current meal plan holder, this feature will guide you through the campus dining options available to you, so you’ll know exactly where you can grab a great bite on the Forty Acres.
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Tips for Mooov-In on the Forty

Mooov-In is only two weeks away and we can’t wait to welcome you to your home on the Forty Acres. To prepare you for what to expect, we’ve compiled our essential tips for ensuring a smooth experience the day you arrive.
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Park It on the Forty

Parking is a common stressor during Mooov-In, but it doesn’t have to be.
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Housing Advisors on the Forty

Learn how our team of housing advisors is here to guide you from point A to Z through living on the Forty Acres.
UT student with her parents during Move In

Time(line) to Move Onto the Forty

Mooov-In will be here before we know it – please use this information to familiarize yourself with important dates and our communication methods.
Hidden Gem Hall

Hidden Gem Hall Spaces: New Term Edition

As you return to campus, many things will be new – the term, your classes and schedule – and you may need new spots to hang out or study in. Find your new favorite campus space by checking out these residence hall spots.
Learning and Outcomes Report

Learning and Outcomes Report

Each year, we ask our residents to give us feedback on how we’re doing so we can better serve them. We turn this data and other departmental information into an annual report.
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Fall Departure

Before leaving the on-campus residence halls for winter break, be sure you’ve completed the fall departure process applicable to you by Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 9 a.m. when the halls close.
Give Thanks

Give Thanks While Giving Back

In the spirit of giving thanks, Dr. Brandon Jones, our director of student learning, development and engagement, went out to Speedway to ask Longhorns what they’re thankful for.