Meal Plans

Two hands exchanging a UT ID card with a meal plan at Kins Dining

Whether you are a resident, commuter or staff member, we have meal plan options to meet your dining needs. Explore all of our plans and find the dining solution that works for you.

Resident Meal Plan

Residence Hall Meal Plans

An unlimited meal plan is included with room and board fees for on-campus residents. Learn more about what the resident meal plan has to offer.

Dobie Meal Plan - resident with horns up

Dobie Twenty21 Meal Plans

Residents of Dobie Twenty21 can choose from three optional meal plans for dining on campus.

Commuter Meal Plans

Commuter Meal Plans

We offer Longhorn 25, Longhorn 60 and Longhorn Unlimited meal plans, which can be enjoyed at our dining halls, restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores.

Dine In Dollars

Faculty & Staff Dine In Dollars

Our faculty and staff plan makes campus dining easier and more convenient for those who work here.