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Living on campus involves more than just having a great place to sleep and eat. It also includes having a space to learn and discover outside the classroom. When you live with us, we offer numerous opportunities to enhance your development as a student and support you in your academic journey. Whether it’s engaging in a dynamic learning opportunity provided by our RAs through the residential curriculum or having dinner with a professor from our Faculty Mentor Program, when you live here you truly get more!


Strategies That Educate and Engage our Residents (S.T.E.E.R.):

University Housing and Dining employs a residential curriculum that places emphasis on student learning and shapes the overall student experience. The program, known as S.T.E.E.R. (Strategies That Educate and Engage Residents), is tied to the university’s mission, culture and purpose. The comprehensive learning curriculum is geared toward helping residents develop personally, socially and professionally.

S.T.E.E.R. encompasses three learning goals:
1. Use appropriate self-management strategies
2. Engage in community
3. Demonstrate cultural competency

By achieving these goals, residents become responsible and culturally competent community members by learning to manage their academic, financial and interpersonal affairs. Residents are also given the tools they need to build and maintain positive relationships, and recognize their contributions and impact on their community as a whole. They gain the valuable skills of being open-minded and flexible with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on others and society.

In today’s global world the S.T.E.E.R. curriculum provides students with applicable competencies for the workplace and their future.

faculty mentor program

Faculty Mentor Program

The Faculty Mentor Program provides an open community within the residence halls for faculty-student engagement in a relaxed setting. Faculty Mentors are paired with Resident Assistants to plan programming for student residents throughout the year, facilitating a greater student understanding of the academic process and involving faculty in a new out-of-classroom experience with students.

Faculty Mentor Testimonial

"I enjoy the give-and-take with students as they discover that teachers are human(!) and not all that different from their parents. Secondly, I enjoy helping them explore the possibilities of the campus and learning more about what UT holds in store. Faculty mentoring is a win-win for me." - Dr. George Sylvie, Faculty Mentor in Jester Middle West

Faculty Mentors will...

  • "Adopt" a floor/complex of University Housing students, which involves meeting with the Resident Assistant on the floor/complex regularly, as well as attending floor/complex events.
  • Have at least one meal with students each month. To help with this, Faculty Mentors are given $125 Dine In Dollars.
  • Give a minimum of one talk/program each semester to their floor/complex.
  • Create at least one diversity-focused program each year with their RA partner.

To learn more about the Faculty Mentor Program, please contact housing@austin.utexas.edu.