Learning in the Halls

Learning in the halls - Student writing

Learn and discover outside the classroom with dynamic opportunities offered to residents living in our halls. Whether building future workplace competencies through the residential curriculum or participating in activities and programs with faculty through Faculty Connections, when you live here you truly have access to more.

Learning Opportunities

S.T.E.E.R. (Strategies That Educate and Engage our Residents)
Strategies That Educate and Engage our Residents

University Housing and Dining employs a residential curriculum that places emphasis on student learning and shapes the overall student experience. The program, known as S.T.E.E.R. (Strategies That Educate and Engage Residents), is tied to the University’s mission, culture and purpose. The comprehensive learning curriculum is geared toward helping residents develop personally, socially and professionally. 

S.T.E.E.R. encompasses three learning goals: 
1.    Use appropriate self-management strategies 
2.    Engage in community 
3.    Demonstrate global competency

By achieving these goals, residents become responsible and globally competent community members by learning to manage their academic, financial and interpersonal affairs. Residents are also given the tools they need to build and maintain positive relationships, and recognize their contributions and impact on their community as a whole. They gain the valuable skills of being open-minded and flexible with the ultimate goal of having a positive impact on others and society.

In today’s global world the S.T.E.E.R. curriculum provides students with applicable competencies for the workplace and their future. 


Faculty Connections – Student Information
Faculty Connections logo

Through Faculty Connections, residents in University-owned housing can connect with faculty outside the classroom by participating in on- and off-campus programs and activities. These opportunities will be shared through News You Can Use, the homepage events section, emails, RA announcements and more.


Faculty Connections – Faculty Information
Faculty Connections logo

Faculty Connections provides intentional, informal opportunities for faculty and students in University-owned housing to connect outside the classroom by participating in programs and activities related to their hobbies, academic focus or college affiliation. Some examples of these engagements include academic and social programming on campus, off-campus community excursions, and facilitating trainings and workshops. The time commitment and frequency of interactions is based on the faculty members’ availability throughout the academic year.

With these connections, the aim is for students to feel more comfortable engaging with faculty and create a sense of belonging within their residential community and beyond. Faculty will help students explore new ideas and develop personal, professional, or academic goals and plans through positive relationships. Students will be able to identify and become more knowledgeable about various academic disciplines through these interactions.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the interest form.

If you would like to recommend another faculty member, you can do so through the recommendation form.

If you have additional questions, please email our housing team.

As a thank you for participating, we offer rewards based on the number of interactions:

Interaction: 1 – 2 interactions per academic year

  • $25 card redeemable at UHD-operated dining locations

Connection: 3 – 4 interactions per academic year

  • $50 card redeemable at UHD-operated dining locations
  • Faculty Connections merchandise
  • Letter of recognition to dean/department chair

Mentor: 4 or more interactions per academic year 

  • $100 card redeemable at UHD-operated dining locations
  • Faculty Connections merchandise
  • Letter of recognition to dean/department chair
  • Feature on UHD website