Residence Hall Locations

Residence Hall Locations

Wondering where to live on campus? Explore our 15 on-campus residence halls below to help decide which is best suited to you and your preferences. Although each hall is unique, all include live-in staff to provide both social and academic support, communal spaces for studying and lounging, on-site laundry, easy access to campus resources and much more.

New Hall Coming Fall 2027

Whitis Court is temporarily unavailable for an extensive reconstruction project aimed at welcoming 1,000 residents in fall 2027.

North Campus

  • Andrews Res Hall

    Andrews Hall

    Andrews Hall blends small-college feel with vibrant communal spaces in a hall that shares a cozy courtyard with three other Honors Housing neighbors.

  • Blanton Res Hall

    Blanton Hall

    Blanton Hall houses students close to their honors peers in this lively and well-situated hall that offers the most social environment of our four Honors Housing residences.

  • Carothers Res Hall

    Carothers Hall

    Carothers Hall offers residents a rich community in a quiet and reserved hall that features the most in-building resources of our four Honors Housing residences.

  • Creekside Res Hall

    Creekside Hall

    Creekside Hall houses an all-male residential community in an intimate hall nestled on the east edge of campus.

  • Duren Res Hall

    Duren Hall

    Duren Hall offers access to the heart of on-and off-campus life in a modern and amenities-filled hall that pays homage to UT’s rich history.

  • Kins Hall

    Kinsolving Hall

    Kinsolving Hall houses a tight-knit, all-female residential community in a hall that features unparalleled proximity to dining and residential resources.

  • Little field Res Hall

    Littlefield Hall

    Littlefield Hall provides a quiet and warm haven for an all-freshman, all-female residential community in a hall that exudes historic charm.

South Campus

  • Brackenridge Res Hall

    Brackenridge Hall

    Brackenridge Hall offers inner-campus convenience and quaint, spacious rooms in a charming hall that shares a courtyard with Roberts and Prather Halls.

  • Jester East  Res Hall

    Jester East Hall

    Jester East Hall provides a vibrant living option for Longhorns looking to find their campus community in a 10-story hall that neighbors the bustling hub of Jester Center.

  • Jester West Res Hall

    Jester West Hall

    Jester West Hall houses a social and diverse residential community in a 14-story hall conveniently situated inside the bustling hub of Jester Center.

  • Moore Hill Res Hall

    Moore-Hill Hall

    Moore-Hill Hall houses a tight-knit community of 390 students in a unique and laid-back hall that offers short commutes to major campus resources.

  • Prather Res Hall

    Prather Hall

    Prather Hall exudes 1930s charm in this warm and quiet hall that features quaint, wood-accented rooms filled with natural light.

  • Roberts Res Hall

    Roberts Hall

    Roberts Hall shares the elegant charm of its courtyard neighbors in a cozy hall with a rooftop terrace that offers one of campus’s best views of the Tower.

  • San Jac Res Hall

    San Jacinto Hall

    San Jacinto Hall accommodates nearly 900 students in this modern, amenity-filled hall tucked away from the bustle of inner campus but still conveniently located near a number of its major resources.