Future Resident FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions For Future Residents

Should you have questions, please contact our office at housing@austin.utexas.edu.

When can I apply for housing?
Once you have completed your Admissions application, and turned in all of your required items, your information will download to our Housing system within 24-48 hours. At that point, you will have access to the housing application.
I completed my housing application. Now what?
Once you have completed your housing application and fulfilled the $50 housing application fee, your next step is to accept enrollment to the university. After you have accepted enrollment to the university and satisfied the university's $200 enrollment deposit, you are eligible for a contract offer. Housing contracts are offered in housing application date order to students who have accepted their enrollment, based on availability and with priority to first-time freshmen.
How can I submit my housing preferences?
You can submit your housing preferences once you have submitted your housing contract and satisfied the $300 housing advance payment. You are able to submit preferences for your residence hall, bathroom type, roommate(s) and special living communities. You have until June 1 to complete your preferences, and you may change them as many times as you want up until that date. When assigning you to your official space, we will look at your preferences in housing application date order.
What is the likelihood that I will be assigned to my preferred housing?
Room assignments are made in housing application date order. Students who submit their application early are more likely to receive their top preferences. Since the Fall/Spring housing application opens on August 1, students who wait to apply for housing may not receive their top housing preferences.
What is the likelihood that I will be assigned to my preferred roommate?
We try our best to satisfy your roommate choice, but late contract offers and supplemental contract holder's roommate preferences are not guaranteed.
Can I get a single space?
There are very few single spaces on campus. If you request a single space and we are unable to accommodate your request, you will be offered a shared space. Additionally, you will automatically be put on our single space waiting list.
When is the first housing bill due? How can I make a payment?
Check out our Prices and Billing information!
Is my $300 advance room payment deducted from my total residence hall room contract amount?
Yes, it is deducted from the total amount shown on your contract. The balance owed will be listed on your first statement.
What is Mooov-In?
Mooov-In is our annual check-in event for students moving to campus. Learn more here.
What should I bring when I Mooov-In?
Check out our handy list.
I completed a housing application last year and I was offered admission through the CAP program. Do I need to pay the $50 application fee again when I apply for housing this year?
You will need to submit a new application for housing. You do not need to pay an additional $50 application fee. This process is only applicable for the year in which you are transferring to The University of Texas at Austin from another CAP institution.
What is supplemental housing?
Supplemental rooms are spaces in the residence halls that are converted into living space. Learn more here.
Does University Housing and Dining offer gender-inclusive housing?
  • The room selection process is administered with rooms labeled by gender and provides available bed spaces based on your gender marker with the university. If you have questions or concerns regarding living options based on your gender marker not matching your gender identity, please contact University Housing and Dining so that we can work with you on an individual basis.
What if I don’t identify as the gender indicated on my UT record?
  • As a first-time admitted student who is not yet enrolled, you can change your gender marker by submitting a signed request to the Office of Admissions with your EID, date of birth, full name and phone number indicating the gender marker change. The gender choices for this process are F and M. Questions regarding this process can be directed to the Office of Admissions located in Walter Webb Hall admissions@austin.utexas.edu (512)475-7399.
How does the meal plan work? What is Bevo Pay?
Information about all Meal Plans, including Bevo Pay, can be found Here.
What is eProxy?
An eProxy is someone who has obtained a UTEID and has been granted the authority to access another person's electronic records through the web services offered here at UT. An eProxy is authorized by service (so you may be authorized for one service but not another), and each authorization is valid for up to one year as specified by the granter. Learn more here.
What are the rules in the residence halls?
Read your Residence Hall Manual to learn about the rules and regulations when living in the residence halls.
Who can I contact for any additional questions?
Send an email to housing@austin.utexas.edu or call (512) 471-3136 Monday thru Friday between 8:30 and 4:30.
How is 2400 Nueces different from the on-campus residence halls?
2400 Nueces is an apartment-style residence hall located in West Campus. Students admitted to UT Austin as a sophomore or above can live at 2400 Nueces. Learn more here.