Faculty Mentor Program

What is it?

The purpose of the Faculty Mentor Program is to provide an open community within the residence halls for Faculty-student engagement. By encouraging Faculty participation and involvement in residence hall programming throughout the year, students will be able to interact with Faculty in a more relaxed setting. This environment leads to increased dialogue between students and Faculty, facilitating a greater understanding for students of the academic process and involving Faculty in a new out-of-classroom experience with students.

Every Faculty Mentor is paired with a Resident Assistant. The Faculty Mentor and RA then work together to plan programming for the student residents. They are provided with $250 each semester for programming activities.

Photos of Faculty Mentors in Action
Dr. Dee Silverhorn and Dr. George Pollak Dr. Luke Winslow Dr. John Daly

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Faculty Mentor Testimonial

"I enjoy the give-and-take with students as they discover that teachers are human(!) and not all that different from their parents. Secondly, I enjoy helping them explore the possibilities of the campus and learning more about what UT holds in store. Faculty mentoring is a win-win for me." - Dr. George Sylvie, Faculty Mentor in Jester Middle West


Faculty Mentors will...

  • "Adopt" a floor/complex of University Housing students. This involves meeting with the Resident Assistant on the floor/complex regularly, as well as attending floor/complex meetings and activities when possible.
  • Visit students on the floor/complex on a regular basis.
  • Have at least one meal with students each month. To help with this, Faculty Mentors are given $125 Dine In Dollars that can be used at programming events or for personal use.
  • Give a minimum of one talk/program each semester to your floor/complex. The program can be on a wide variety of topics, including the Faculty Mentor's field of interest.
  • Work with your RA partner to create at least one diversity-focused program each year for your floor/complex.
  • Work with your RA partner to create at least one social activity each year with your floor/complex.

To learn more about the Faculty Mentor Program, please complete this interest form or contact LaTonya "LT" Robinson with any questions.