Residence Hall Spring Checkout Process

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A student poses outside with a package during spring checkout from his hall

Prepare for the residence hall spring checkout process by reading up on essential tasks and dates. These checkout details are for the 2023-24 academic year. Please note that the spring checkout resident checklist must be completed prior to your departure. Residents who need to request graduation or extended stay housing may do so in the housing portal.

The residence halls close on Tuesday, May 7, 2024 at 9 a.m.

Checkout Process Task List

Tasks for All Residents

Attend your floor/wing meeting

Attend your floor/wing meeting for full details about closing procedures in your community (check with your RA for location, date and time).

Clean your room and bathroom

Departing your residence hall with your room and private bathroom (if applicable) left messy will incur respective fines. The cleaning fee for a messy room is $50 per person. The fee for a messy bathroom is $120, to be divided among room/suitemates. Damages or missing room items will cost the price of repair, replacement and/or labor.

Defrost your room’s microfridge

Follow our defrosting and cleaning instructions to prepare your microfridge for your departure and avoid a $20 fine.

Adjust your bed to its original height

If you adjusted your bed’s position yourself, you must return the bed to its original height to avoid a $75 dollar charge. If maintenance adjusted your bed for you, you may leave your bed in its adjusted position when moving out. To return your bed to its original height, see our guides for adjusting junior loft or full loft beds.

Update your mailing address

To change your mailing address, log in to UT Direct, modify your address and then select “Update This Address.” Please be sure to check your mailbox before departing campus; once residence halls close at 9 a.m. on closing day, you may no longer pick up mail from your hall. After closing day and for a period of 30 days, only first-class mail will be forwarded to your new address. Also make sure to update your default address with external companies that may continue to ship mail to you (i.e., magazine subscriptions, Amazon packages, etc.).

Take belongings out of your room

Pack up and move all of your belongings out of your room.

Complete the spring checkout resident checklist

All residents are required to complete this essential tasks checklist prior to their departure from the residence halls.

Pick up a checkout envelope and return your keys

Pick up a checkout envelope from your 24-hour front desk. Return your room key in the envelope to the front desk staff by 9 a.m. on closing day. A $75 fine is incurred for lost keys or keys not returned by the closing day deadline.

Additional Details

Loading zone passes

1-hour loading zone passes or validation of garage parking (for select days) will be available at your 24-hour desk on Monday, April 29.* A limited number of carts will be available for check out. Make your move easier by bringing your own cart.

*One pass or validation per resident.

24-hour quiet hours

24-hour quiet hours begin on Monday, April 29 at 10 p.m. Please be respectful of others and contact the front desk or an RA if you need assistance addressing a noise concern. Failure to maintain an appropriate noise level may result in early removal from the residence hall.

Closing day

Residence halls close on Tuesday, May 7 at 9 a.m. There will be a fee, starting at $50, if you do not vacate by 9 a.m.