What to Bring

We know you are itching to get into your room in the residence halls. But what should you bring to live on campus?

What Will You Find In Your Room?

No matter which residence hall you live in, every room contains:

  • Desk and chair
  • Dresser
  • Extra-long twin bed*
  • MicroFridge (combination microwave and mini-refrigerator/freezer)
  • Hanging space
  • Shelves
  • ResNet Internet Service
  • Recycling container and wastebasket
  • Cable TV Service
  • Window blinds

If your room has a connecting or private bath, the bathroom will also contain a shower curtain.
*While some rooms in Kinsolving or Littlefield may have twin beds, it is still recommended that all residents bring extra-long twin bedding.

What Should I Pack?
  • Your Photo ID:
    You will need a photo ID for check-in.
  • Sheets, towels and other linens:
    Extra-long twin sheets (XL twin), pillow, blanket, comforter, mattress pad, towels, washcloth, etc. Your bed comes with a mattress, so you don't need to pack that.
  • Bathroom supplies:
    If your room has a connecting or private bath you will need to bring toilet tissue, hand soap and bathroom cleaners. After you check in, connecting and private baths are not supplied with toilet tissue, and you and your roommate will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining them. Shower curtains are provided, but students can feel free to bring a decorative shower curtain. For students who have a community bathroom, that bathroom is stocked and cleaned by UT Housing staff. Everyone will want to bring typical toiletry items, a shower caddy/tote and shower shoes.
  • Clothing:
    While every room has hanging space and a dresser, you may run out of room for every piece of clothing (or pair of shoes) that you own. Think practically about what you will need/wear. If you're planning on going home at Thanksgiving or Winter Break, maybe you can trade out summer and winter clothing at that time. Realize that you will end up getting lots of t-shirts from different organizations around campus. Plan ahead and be realistic!
  • Removable adhesive:
    Tape, tacks or nails cannot be used on the walls (but are ok on bulletin boards). Removable adhesive may be used for hanging posters and pictures on walls. Please be advised that any damage to the walls or the paint will result in damage charges when you move out in May.
  • Network cable for your computer:
    Cat 5 or Cat 6, 15-foot recommended maximum length.
  • Cable jumper for your T.V.:
    You will need to provide a cable jumper to connect your television to the wall outlet. Our cable provider recommends a high quality cable jumper, size RG-6 or RG-59, 750 ohm rated, with screw on connections.
  • Study light:
    CFL bulbs or LED lights only.
  • Dishes:
    Silverware, cups, plates, bowls, glasses, dish soap, dish towel, paper towels, etc.
  • Power strips:
    Power strips are used instead of extension cords. The power strip must be rated for a maximum of 15 amps and 1875 watts and have a built-in circuit breaker.
  • Laundry supplies:
    Laundry basket or bag, low-sudsing (high efficiency) detergent for front loading washer, fabric softener, stain fighters, etc. There are laundry facilities in every hall. Laundry services are available for residents and are included in the housing rate. Washers and dryers, as well a ironing boards, are provided in the cost of housing.
  • Health care products:
    First aid kit, allergy, headache or stomach medications, adhesive bandages, sunscreen, etc.
  • Lock:
    There is a lockable drawer for each roommate in every residence hall room. Bring your own lock and use it to keep valuables safe.
  • Throw rug:
    Student rooms are not carpeted. A 4' by 6' or 5' by 8' rug should fit in all rooms. We recommend that you coordinate bringing a rug with your roommate ahead of time.
  • Appliances that ARE allowed:
    Coffee pot (12 cups and under), water kettle (hot pot), iron, blender, coffee grinder, food dehydrator, juicer, electric can opener, electric blanket and heating pad (blankets and heating pads must be UL rated and plugged into the power strip). Please see below for a listing of appliances that are not allowed in the halls. If there is an appliance you are interested in bringing but is not featured on either list, please contact UT Housing for clarification.
  • Window covering:
    UT Housing recommends that you arrive in your room and measure your specific window before purchasing or bringing any window coverings. Spring-hanging tension rods are recommended.
What Should I Leave At Home?

For more information on banned objects and appliances, please see the Residence Hall Manual.

Banned in room items

  • Pets:
    Only fish in a five gallon or less aquarium are permitted.
  • Decorative lighting (see lighting in Res Hall Manual):
    Black light bulbs, Halogen lamps, holiday lights, incandescent bulbs, lanterns with bulbs, neon lights, paper lamp shades, rope/string lights (including LED), glow lights, or torchiere lamp are not allowed.
  • Fireworks, explosives, and weapons (see license to carry handgun policy for residence halls in the Res Hall Manual).
  • Candles or incense:
    Open flames are prohibited in the residence halls. Even candles that have never been used are not allowed. Battery-operated (flameless) candles are a great alternative.
  • Toilet seat and lid:
    You will need to use the toilet seat provided in your private or community bath and are not allowed to bring and install your own.
  • Toxic chemicals or hazardous materials
  • Combustible materials (flammable or combustible liquids, solids, gases or hazardous materials)
  • Mattress:
    You will need to use the mattress provided in your room and are not allowed to bring a separate mattress. A mattress cover or pad is allowed.
  • Homemade furniture
  • University furniture not assigned to you:
    If the furniture is from a study lounge, that's where it belongs.
  • Lofts:
    Self-built or purchased lofts are not allowed. If your bed is able to be lofted, UT Housing will provide the lofting equipment for you.

Banned electronics

  • Multi-Port USB Chargers
  • Wireless router
  • 3D printers
  • Electrical appliances, equipment, or other devices that are not UL approved and/or labeled

Banned in residence halls

  • Grills:
    propane, charcoal, wood-fired
  • Excessive amounts of paper on door or wall (e.g. larger than two 8 X 11)
  • Toxic chemicals or hazardous materials
  • Combustible materials (flammable or combustible liquids, solids, gases or hazardous materials)
  • Explosives, fireworks, or weapons (see License to Carry Handgun Policy for Residence Halls)

Banned Appliances

By order of the University Fire Marshal, the use of any appliance with open heating coils is prohibited. Appliances that are not allowed include:

crock pot electric wok electric skillet George Foreman Grill or similar
air fryer Instant Pot hamburger cooker hot plate or any appliance with open heating coils
rice cooker toaster toaster oven deep fryer
electric sandwich maker/press waffle maker bread maker hot cutter
hot oil popcorn popper broilers camp stoves coffee/drink warmer
microwave (comes with room) refrigerator (comes with room) convection ovens induction cooking appliances
plug-in air fresheners wax warmers diffusers potpourri warmer
Scentsy or other heated fragrance devices grills (propane, wood-fired or charcoal) soldering iron space heater

Any electrical appliance that is not UL approved and/or labeled is banned.

If there is an appliance you are interested in bringing but is not featured on either the allowed or banned list, please contact UT Housing for clarification.