Whitis Court

Whitis Court offers spacious rooms with large closets and great amenities including community kitchens, TV and study lounges, laundry facilities and more. Rooms have movable furniture. Whitis Court is located in the Whitis Area Community at the north end of campus, across from Kinsolving Residence Hall. Six individual building make up Whitis Court, each housing less than 60 students.
Whitis Court is know for its tight-knit community, due to the small number of students who live in each building.
Starting in the 2014-15 school year, the International Housing Community will be housed in part of Whitis Court. Click here to learn more about IHC and how you can apply to be a part of that community.

Hall Features

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In their own words

Real Residents Speak About Living in Whitis Court

Whitis Court is an awesome community. You get to bond with so many people by watching movies together, walking together at night and just by having light conversations. As an international student, I was not too sure how well I would make friends here because UT Austin is such a big university. However, when you are in Whitis, you WILL make friends!"
Joanne Kim, Spanish major


"When I moved into Whitis Court, I was in love with how much closet space I had. I met most of my fellow Whitis residents within a week and after two weeks it was like I was already in a family. You don't get this immediate connectedness in the larger residence halls. The courtyard and large balconies are accessible to everyone and the pool and ping pong tables in LLC are also a great way to spend your time."
Mercedes Wood, Mechanical Engineering major


"Of all the residence halls at UT, Whitis Court is unique in its design and propensity for unity among all residents. The different buildings allow for smaller groups of students to meet one another and become close family units. Everyone here is encouraged to come out of our rooms and buildings to explore and meet new people. Whitis Court is a friendly, open-minded, and accepting community. The residents here create a family feeling that is unlike anything we have previously experienced."
Emily Woody, Sociology major