San Jacinto Residence Hall

Built in 2000, San Jacinto Hall is one of UT's newest residence halls. Located in the Waller Creek Community, students enjoy San Jacinto's outstanding amenities, special residential programs, and convenience to UT facilities.

Hall Features

  • Rooms with private baths - See standard San Jacinto floorplans
  • Individual Thermostat
  • Home to Cypress Bend, a convenience store with a grill and deli and both indoor and outdoor seating areas for patrons
  • Study rooms and lounges on every floor
  • Computer lab
  • TV, vending and game rooms
  • Laundry room
  • Recreational amphitheater
  • Large multipurpose room
  • Near the UT Alumni Center, the Recreational Sports Center, Jester Center, and Darrell K. Royal - Texas Memorial Stadium
  • Accessible accommodations available
  • Tours of this facility are available daily

San Jacinto Photo Gallery

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San Jacinto Hall SJH entrance SJH roomview SJH roomview
San Jacinto private bathroom Cypress Bend SJH formal lounge Residents in study lounge

In their own words

Real Residents Speak About Living in San Jacinto

Question: What did you like about living in San Jacinto?

"It is definitely the best and most comforting place to be as far as residence halls are concerned. I felt as close to home as I could possibly feel since the place was always kept in tip-top shape."
A. Adrian Porras, Government freshman

"I liked living in the residence hall because you meet so many different people. Some of my best friends this year were people I met in San Jac. I also liked not having to worry about food, and I could always find a nice quiet place to study without having to go to the library."
Aaron Newton, Chemical Engineering Freshman

"The clean, fresh, atmosphere and food service - it's close to the music school, but it is a very introverted hall."
Alison Barrow, Music Performance freshman

"Living on campus was the best thing that ever happen to me. I made life long best friends, I learned a lot, laughed a lot, and shared many special memories with so many people around me. As a senior, I look back at my days at Littlefield and San Jacinto and realize that those have been the best years of my life. It's very convenient to live on campus and there is no better place to gain the relationships that people should in college. It's my personal recommendation to live at LEAST one year in the residence hall and it will be an experience you'll never forget either."
Christy Ponce, San Jacinto Resident Assistant

"It was always clean - a major plus! My roommate and I had our own bathroom, definitely another plus. There is always something going on, we never got bored, some kind of activity like movie night or ice cream socials or something like that."
Kim Garza, English freshman

"I really enjoyed my stay here in San Jacinto. I have met so many people this year by getting involved with RHC and am very grateful for being given such a wonderful opportunity to share my first year of college with my new friends. I have decided to return again to live in this hall next year and I know it will only get better."
Mary Newton, Asian Cultures & Languages freshman