Kinsolving Residence Hall

Kinsolving is an all-female residence hall located in the Whitis Area Community. Kinsolving may look big, but once you're here it feels like you know everyone. The Residence Life staff works to create a tight-knit community of Kiwis (the hall mascot) through social and educational programming designed specifically for women.

Kinsolving plays host to several residential academic communities, such as the Women in Natural Sciences and the Women in Engineering programs. There is also free on-site math and science tutoring Monday-Thursday evenings, a service designed to help students (especially first-year students) succeed. Kinsolving has two large study lounges downstairs, which are a part of the Gallery of Great Texas Women. On the special 2.5 floor, there are smaller, private study lounges open 24 hrs a day. The 2.5 floor also holds a rec area (complete with ping pong table), an exercise room, the community kitchen and the entrance to the sun deck.

One favorite feature of Kinsolving are the two dining locations inside the hall, the all-you-care-to-eat Kinsolving Dining and the store Kin's Market. Not having to leave the hall to grab a bite to eat is definitely a plus. Kinsolving also boasts a successful community garden, with the fresh produce grown going straight into the kitchens of Kinsolving Dining.


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In their own words

Real Residents Speak About Living in Kinsolving

"Kinsolving is the type of place where you can make friends that become family."
Marissa Medina, Biochemistry major

"What I've really loved about the time I've spent in Kinsolving are the people. Kinsolving has a really phenomenal community which is open and engaging, no matter what year or major a student is. The students, staff and ResLife members really do what they can to make you feel included and valuable, which is reflected in the friendships I've made."
Olivia Starich, Anthropology and Journalism major

"Kinsolving is a great place not only to live, but to study, make friends, and eat! I've met so many great people here, and I will never forget it."
Danica Salazar, Theatre and Dance major

"I enjoy Kinsolving because I know that no matter what is going on in my day, someone will be around to talk, make me laugh or grab a bite to eat. The wing and hall get-togethers are fun and a really great way to meet new people. While Kinsolving is a quiet place to get your homework done, there is still always something fun going on."
Ashley Corley, Biology major

"I love living in Kinsolving! This upcoming year will be my third as a Kiwi. It's nice and welcoming, the dining hall is downstairs, there are tons of places to sit and study, and there is a computer lab with printer in the North Lounge. Plus, the new Belo Center for New Media is right across the street, making it really convenient for me!"
ChinLin Pan, Journalism major

"Living in Kinsolving has been an amazing experience. I love how I have easy access to a little market store to get snacks and how there is a buffet in Kinsolving as well! I don't have to leave the residence hall if I want to eat. Also, the girls in Kinsolving are super nice, and it's so easy to make friends with the people who live around you. Plus, the community bathrooms are always clean. I was a bit scared about them before I moved in, but now it's just normal. I'm excited to live here again next year!"
Kristina Yia, Biology major

"Even though Kinsolving is one of the largest residence halls, it still feels like a small community."
Maggie Miller, Mathematics major

"Kinsolving is a great place since Kinsolving Dining and Kin's Market are conveniently located inside the residence hall. I never have to leave the building to get food! The tutoring in the North Lounge is also very helpful, because I can just go downstairs and ask a quick question if I ever need help on homework."
Mary Wissinger, Biology major

"Kinsolving is a tight-knit community where neighbors usually hang out together and become good friends. The 2.5 floor study rooms are very useful sine it provides a private space for my friends and I to study late at night."
Beatrice Interino, Public Health major

"Kinsolving is the most convenient residence hall out there -- food, study groups, friends and fun all under one roof."
Victoria Gomez, Biochemistry major