Carothers Residence Hall

Carothers Hall is part of the Honors Quad in the Whitis Area Community. The University Honors Center is located in the basement of Carothers, and acts as a hub for all honors activities around campus. Residents will enjoy the advantages of living in close proximity to this office for the programs and support it provides. Carothers is also home to the Joynes Reading Room.

Hall Features

  • Rooms with community baths - See a Standard Carothers floorplan
  • Home to the University Honors Center - Go to Honors Central
  • Beautiful courtyard ("the Quad"), with space for cookouts, games, programs, and relaxation activities
  • 24-hour desk
  • Multipurpose room
  • Computer lab
  • Sundeck
  • Piano
  • Wood floors
  • Individual Thermostat
  • Accessible accommodations available
  • Convenient to the buffet-style dining center and convenience store in Kinsolving
  • One block from the shops and restaurants on The Drag (Guadalupe Street)

Carothers Photo Gallery

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Carothers hall Carothers living room Carothers bed Carothers desk
Carothers piano Carothers reading room Carothers resident studying sun deck

In their own words

Real Residents Speak About Living in Carothers

"It's difficult to say what my favorite part of living in the Honors halls was. The two aspects that most readily jump to mind are the location and the atmosphere. The location was perfect, especially since I was a first year student. I was near friends and events and could roll out of bed ten minutes before class and arrive on time. The quiet nature of the halls and being a little secluded helped with studying. I highly recommend the Honors halls. Living that close to the Kinsolving cafeteria is awesome."
Brandon Stackhouse, Biochemistry / Plan II Honors freshman


"I loved the convenience. Carothers is really close to all of my classes and the Drag. I also enjoyed the small community. Since the Quad isn't as big as, say, Jester, I really got to know lots of people. Many of the people in my Plan II classes also live in the Quad, so I got to know them even better. Furthermore, the rooms in Carothers are pretty nice - we have sinks, moveable furniture, and plenty of space. The people in the Quad are great; there are programs (often with free food!) all the time. It's definitely the best place to live on campus!"
Brette Garner, Plan II Honors freshman

"Awesome people! Computer Lab across the hall! (It's SO convenient especially since I don't have a computer!) Gorgeous grand piano! Really nice custodians. Living rooms are great for goofing off, studying, programs, and the like. I'm glad it's connected to 2 other halls since that increases chance to meet people & it's convenient - you never have to walk in the rain. It's really close to classes, the student health center, the Turtle pond, the administration building (Tower), library, food, & the Union - where many unique events occur (movies, distinguished speakers, dances, concerts, Improv, Wendy's, etc.). Carothers is ideally situated. I love it."
Cristy Liu, Management sophomore

"Carothers isn't as loud and friendly as Blanton; it tends to be a little quieter and more reserved. It was great to be so close to everything on campus, with great study halls, computer labs, and lounges in the hall, and the Kinsolving cafeteria only a block away. Besides that, the rooms were very nice compared to most on campus. All in all, Carothers was a great, very comfortable place to live."
Will Warner, Computer Sciences sophomore

"What didn't I like?!?! Carothers was the best place I could have lived my first year. The rooms are nice, the hall is nice, and it is filled with amazing people. If it is possible for you to live in the Honors halls, take advantage of it and live in Carothers!"
Marcus Ceniceros, Government freshman