Blanton Residence Hall

Blanton Hall part of the Honors Quad in the Whitis Area Community, is close to everything a student could need. Recently renovated to include a fabulous study space, Blanton has the amenities and style to assure a great Honors living experience.

Hall Features

  • Rooms with community baths - See a Standard Blanton floorplan
  • Living Area
  • Computer lab nearby (in Carothers)
  • Sundeck
  • Piano
  • Beautiful courtyard ("the Quad"), with space for cookouts, games, programs, and relaxation activities
  • One block from Kinsolving Dining, Kin's Market and Kin's Coffee
  • Next to Littlefield Patio Cafe
  • One block from the shops and restaurants on The Drag (Guadalupe Street)

Blanton Photo Gallery

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blanton hall blanton entrance Blanton beds Blanton desk
Blanton study area Blanton musician in attic Blanton study lounge Blanton outside

In their own words

Real Residents Speak About Living in Blanton

"I felt that I could relate to most of the people here. I made a lot of friends who knew when to study and when to have fun. It's a nice environment, and the Quad is a pretty good place to get some physical activity."
Adam Wright, Business Honors freshman

"At first, I was less than thrilled about the prospect of having to walk down the hall to get any running water, but I ended up really enjoying Blanton. Everyone was friendly, I didn't have to clean my own bathroom, and by the end of the year I really enjoyed spending time in the hall. The location is also fantastic - I could wake up literally 5 minutes before class and still make it on time."
Emily Cadik, Plan II Honors freshman

"Living in the halls is a great way to meet people and make friends. Besides, it's so much more convenient to get to and from classes. I'm definitely staying in the residence halls next year."
Robyn Miller, Theatre & Dance / Plan II Honors freshman

"The Honors halls have a charm that the other halls lack. There is something comforting about knowing that you live in a place that many other students have passed through. There is something nice about living in a place with visible history. The Honors halls just feel more human than the other halls I've been in. They are different. They give you a sense of place and help you feel at home even in the new surroundings of a large university."
Sarah Farwell, English freshman