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FAQ’s for students living in undergraduate on-campus housing

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the university navigates these challenging and unprecedented times caused by the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). This FAQ will help provide the information you need under these new circumstances and will be updated regularly.

Room Assignments

  • When can I make my room selection?
    • Students received their room selection date and time via email from University Housing and Dining. At their assigned time, students will log in to their housing portal for access to the room selection page.
    • Room assignments are made in housing application date order. Students who submitted their application early are more likely to receive their top preferences.
  • How does room selection work?
    • Prior to room selection, students are encouraged to review the information about each residence hall, floor plans and our published rates on the room selection page in the housing portal. These links are also posted on students’ preference selection page completed earlier in the contract process. Students have the ability to filter by residence hall location and room type.
    • During their assigned time for room selection, students select a room by adding it to their cart (similar to online shopping) and then are directed to a page where they confirm their assignment and that of their roommate if they paired with another student. The room is reserved for 10 minutes in the student’s cart while they confirm their decision.
  • Can I get a single room rather than a double?
    • There are very few single spaces on campus. If a student requests a single space and we are unable to accommodate their request, the student will be offered a shared space. Additionally, the student will automatically be added to our single space waiting list.
  • When do I have to make a decision about my room and roommate?
    • Students will need to make a decision about their room and roommate prior to their move-in date. Students who wait may not receive their top preferences, based on room availability.
  • Will I have to move out of my room at the end of the fall semester?
    • Students who are returning to the campus and to their assigned room for the spring 2021 academic semester do not have to move any of their belongings out of their room.
    • Students who are not returning to their room or the University will need to check out of their space and remove all their belongings by the end of the fall semester.
  • When do I have to leave the halls for winter break?
    • Students must vacate their residence hall room by the end of the semester and will not have access to their room until the residence halls re-open in January, unless they have a contract for winter break housing. Details on winter break housing will be provided later in the semester.

Housing Contracts


  • When is Mooov-In?
    • Mooov-In centralized check-in begins on Aug. 20 and ends on Aug. 23.
  • Can I move in prior to August 20?
    • A limited number of early check-ins will be available beginning Aug. 17 at 3 p.m. Occupancy during approved early check-in period will result in a $50 room charge per day, billed upon check in, or as otherwise noted, and due on the first housing payment due date. Early check-in must be requested by the contract holder prior to selecting that option and must receive written approval from University Housing and Dining before the contract holder can check-in early.
  • How do I schedule a check-in time?
    • Students will schedule a check-in time on their housing portal. Check-in times will be available after room selection is complete and students will be notified when they are able to schedule their date and time.
  • What is the plan for Mooov-In?
    • We look forward to welcoming students back into the residence halls. Please reference the Mooov-In website for updates.
  • How are you going to maintain social distancing when so many students are moving in?
    • Mooov-In will take place over an extended time period with fewer students per move-in timeframe. University Housing and Dining is developing social distancing procedures for students and staff.
    • This year it is especially important for students to arrive at their scheduled appointment time (reserved through the housing portal) in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Students and families will be asked to wear a protective face covering at Mooov-In and follow all signage and staff directions. Please try to only bring essential belongings and limit the number of accompanying helpers to no more than two. Helpers will be asked to stay in their car within East Campus Garage while the student picks up their room key to prevent crowding.
    • Please refer to the Mooov-In website for updates.
  • If I don’t feel well or someone in my family is sick and I can’t get to campus during Mooov-In, what do I do?
    • If a student needs to change their Mooov-In time for any reason, contact us at housing@austin.utexas.edu, or request to speak with a housing representative by calling (512) 471-3136.

Safety Protocols

Resident Opportunities

  • Will there be resident programming in the fall?
    • The University Housing and Dining Residence Life staff is working hard to provide residents with a variety of engagement opportunities. Staff are preparing virtual community building and individual opportunities to make sure residents feel connected to the UT campus and to each other. Additionally, in-person activities may be conducted in alignment with university health and safety guidelines, including small group and outside activities.
    • Each resident is assigned a Resident Assistant who can help students find ways to be involved in the halls and on campus.
  • What opportunities are there for me to get involved in my residence hall community?
    • The University Residence Hall Association represents all residence halls on campus, and each individual residence hall has its own Residence Hall Council. These leadership organizations advocate for the students of their halls and provide engagement opportunities for residents. Additional information about how to get involved in these organizations will be forthcoming.


  • How are dining operations going to support the health and safety of the UT community?
    • All patrons will be required to wear a face covering and wash hands before entering the dining halls at portable hand sinks located at the entrances.
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be set up in both serving and seating areas.
    • Patrons will only be served by UHD staff. There is no self-service.
    • All meals will be served in disposable to go containers, including disposable utensils.
    • Patrons will have the option to take out their meals or enter a different line to a seating area.
    • J2 and Kins Dining will separate serving lines and seating areas. Both locations will monitor the number of patrons in each area to ensure that social distancing is possible.
    • All seating areas will be set up six feet apart. Moving the furniture is prohibited.
    • The serving area at each location will have directional signage to avoid cross traffic as much as possible.
    • Staff will be wearing face coverings and gloves.
    • There are sneeze guards or clear barriers between patrons and dining staff.
    • Work stations and service areas will be disinfected and sanitized on a regular schedule.
    • Staff is trained in food safety regulations, and is following the COVID-19 recommendations and guidelines from the CDC and National Restaurant Association.
  • If J2 and Kins Dining are busy during peak times, will there be other options for residents to get a meal on campus?
    • Residents can use their unlimited meal plan at Jester City Limits, Littlefield Patio Cafe and Cypress Bend Cafe in addition to J2 and Kins Dining. There will also be hot meals to go available at Kin’s Market, Jester City Market and Bliss.
  • With the resident unlimited plan, is there a set number of times a day I can go into a dining hall to get a meal?
    • There is no limit to the number of times a student can come into the dining hall but there is a one-hour grace period between visits.