Employee Development and Engagement

Our goal is to provide resources and learning opportunities for staff members to develop their knowledge and skills. Create and sustain a workplace culture that enables staff to contribute to their fullest by assessing programs and systems that directly influence employee satisfaction. This is accomplished through the following:

UHD Wellness

Wellness is an important value of the organization. Three exercise rooms are available for UHD Staff members. The exercise rooms provide staff access and opportunity to achieve their wellness goals.

Diversity Education Program

Diversity education provides opportunities for staff members to be a part of an environment where all members accept, respect, celebrate, and effectively use their learning to inspire and promote change.

Diversity 101 is a required online training that introduces key diversity concepts and provides a baseline for future diversity education. D101 teaches participants how to understand their cultural identity and how it can affect the interactions with customers and colleagues. Upon completion of the training, staff will also learn the importance of valuing diversity and inclusion.

Adult Education

English as a Second Language (ESL) is a program offered to interested full-time staff.

New Employee Orientation

New staff members are oriented to the culture of the organization. Participants are provided information about programs and services, expectations and protocols that will result in a high-level of employee engagement.