From Cup to Compost

March 18, 2024
Jester Garden plants, flowers and hydroponic towers

Our Grounds for Grounds program brings new life to coffee grounds that would otherwise be discarded ā€“ one cup at a time. We are committed to sustainability awareness and reducing our environmental impact through this zero waste initiative, operated in partnership with other campus entities.

The Grounds for Grounds program encourages sustainability through a collaboration between our on-campus coffee shops and Landscape Facilities. The process begins with our on-campus coffee shops setting aside the grounds generated from every coffee purchased. Facilities Services gathers the saved grounds and transforms them into nutrient-rich compost at their facilities less than two miles from campus. Landscape Facilities uses the compost to nourish the soil around the Forty Acres. The compost is also made available to organizations, including student-run gardens managed by UT Farm Stand. In fall 2023, over 9,200 lbs. of grounds were saved from landfills and transformed into fertile compost, redirecting waste into growth.

The Grounds for Grounds program embodies our commitment to sustainability and relies on the active participation of the Longhorn community. Every cup of coffee purchased from our on-campus coffee shops directly supports our local sustainability efforts. Beyond supporting the Grounds for Grounds program through coffee purchases, students can get involved with our sustainability initiatives on campus by volunteering with us.

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