Supplemental Housing

We offer a limited amount of supplemental living spaces in our residence halls as a housing option once our permanent rooms are at capacity. These fully furnished supplemental spaces provide accommodations until a permanent room becomes available.


What is supplemental housing?

Supplemental rooms are spaces in the residence halls that are converted into living space. They tend to be larger than regular rooms and accommodate up to 3 students. Every room has a bed, desk, chair, chest of drawers and hanging space for every roommate. There will also be a MicroFridge and internet port.

During the time you are assigned to a supplemental space, there is a 10% credit off of the daily rate of the room portion of the contract. This discount is given at the start of the contract period. When students are offered a permanent space, the credit stops and the room rate then increases to the actual price of the space chosen by the student.

When do I receive my supplemental housing assignment?

We offer contracts for supplemental housing once all contracts for permanent rooms have been offered. After you accept the contract for supplemental housing, the housing team will assign you to a space and email you to check your housing portal for your assignment.

How long will I live in supplemental housing?

Students may live in supplemental space until permanent space becomes available. Our office moves students in supplemental housing to a permanent room as those spaces become available. Some offers to move to permanent rooms may occur before the fall semester even begins, while others might not happen until the spring semester.

How do you match roommates in supplemental housing?

We match roommates by age and major. If two students who receive supplemental contracts would like to room together, they can put that on their preferences. We cannot match roommates with two different contract types (i.e., a supplemental contract cannot match with a permanent contract).

What if I don’t want to move out of supplemental housing?

Depending on the needs of the residence hall, we may give residents the option to remain in their room as long as the room's occupancy stays above 51%. For example, in a 4-person supplemental space, if 3 would like to stay while 1 would like to move to a permanent room, a request to stay would be accommodated. This would not be the case if 2 roommates wished to stay, as occupancy would fall under 51%. There is not an option to remain in San Jacinto Hall once a permanent location has been offered as we use these spaces for other uses throughout the school year.

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