Residence Hall Staff

Staff members in the residence halls are committed to supporting students in their residential communities. Residents can contact the staff members listed on this page to help them succeed. 

Resident Assistants (RA)

Resident Assistants (RAs) are full-time students who serve a part-time role as peer advisors and educators within our residence hall communities. RAs are trained to assist residents as needed, develop a community atmosphere, host events and maintain a secure environment by addressing policy violations. RAs are assigned to live in each residence hall and work rounds in two rotations: an afterhours and weekend on-call duty rotation and a desk shift rotation. See our RA position page for comprehensive details about the role.

Complex Coordinators (CC) and Assistant Complex Coordinators (ACC)*

Complex Coordinators (CCs) are professional, full-time, live-in staff who provide overall leadership to our on-campus residential communities. They directly supervise the resident assistants and manage resident engagement within the halls, among other duties.

Assistant Complex Coordinators (ACCs) are part-time, live-in staff and full-time, graduate-level students who help CCs in their supervisory and managerial capacities.

View our Complex Coordinator Recruitment Guide for comprehensive details about these roles.

Andrews, Blanton, Carothers and Littlefield Halls

Cody Queen – CC, 512-471-3646
Nina Martinez – ACC, 512-471-3646

Brackenridge, Roberts and Prather Halls

Joffrey Niessen – CC, 512-471-7749

Creekside Hall

Kevin Silva – ACC, 512-471-9621

Dobie Twenty21

Misha Lostritto – CC, 512-475-6750

Duren Hall and Whitis Court

Andrew Bradley – CC, 512-232-4233
Jose La Rosa – ACC, 512-232-4233

Jester East Hall

Kristen Upp – CC, Floors 1-3, 512-232-3403
Jason Skidmore – CC, Floors 6-10, 512-232-6261
Cristian Avila – ACC, Floors 4 and 5, 512-471-1652

Jester West Hall

Jordan Moncivaiz – CC, Floors 0-3, 512-471-3944
Connie Rodriguez – CC, Floors 4-6, 512-471-3944
Nick Wymer-Santiago – CC, Floors 7-14, 512-471-2721

Kinsolving Hall

Lex Orozco – CC, 512-471-3894
Kiara Blain – ACC, 512-471-1767

Moore-Hill Hall

SeVyon Willis-Hill – CC, 512-232-9053

San Jacinto Hall

Max Witeof – CC, 512-232-9050
Trae Madrigal – ACC, 512-232-9050

2400 Nueces Apartments

Naomi Semb-Lovejoy – CC, 512-471-3714
Jimmy Andrade – ACC, 512-232-7517

* As of January 2022