Residence Hall Mail Service

All residential students are provided a mailbox for distribution of U.S. mail, campus mail and residence hall announcements. It is your responsibility to check this mailbox regularly. Mail is delivered to your residence hall daily except Sundays, national holidays and university holidays. Residence hall mailrooms and desks will only accept mail and packages delivered by the U.S. Postal Service or a commercial shipping company.



Mail Basics

Where is my mail center?

For most residence halls, the mail center is your assigned front desk. See a complete list of assigned front desk locations and phone numbers below.

Residence HallMail CenterPhone Number
AndrewsCarothers Mail Center512-471-3646
BlantonCarothers Mail Center512-471-3646
CarothersCarothers Mail Center512-471-3646
LittlefieldCarothers Mail Center512-471-3646
CreeksideCreekside front desk512-471-7246
DurenDuren front desk512-232-4233
Whitis CourtDuren front desk512-232-4233
Jester EastJester Mail and Service Center512-471-5444
Jester WestJester Mail and Service Center512-471-5444
KinsolvingKinsolving front desk512-471-1767
Moore-HillMoore-Hill front desk512-471-1462
BrackenridgePrather front desk512-471-3714
RobertsPrather front desk512-471-3714
PratherPrather front desk512-471-3714
San JacintoSan Jacinto front desk512-232-9050
2400 Nueces Apartments2400 Nueces front desk512-232-7517
What is my address?

Mailing addresses for each hall are listed on the individual residence hall pages.

When is the Jester Mail and Service Center open?

The Jester Mail and Service Center regular hours are:<

Monday - Thursday, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Saturday, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Closed on Sunday

The Jester Mail and Service Center hours vary depending on university closures; please email them with questions about specific days/times.

 Besides picking up my mail and packages, what else can I do at the Jester Mail and Service Center?

The Jester Mail and Service Center sells stamps and packaging products and can send/receive faxes. Bevo Pay is the only form of payment accepted at the mail center.

What is Amazon @UTexas?

Amazon@UTexas offers our campus community a secure and convenient location to pick up and return Amazon orders. Additionally, Amazon Student and Prime members receive free one-day shipping on orders placed by 10 p.m. Activate your benefits at Campus pick-up location: Gregory Gym, 2.110.

Which U.S. Post Office handles the residence halls’ mail?

Please direct your general postal inquiries to the Northcross Station at 7700 Northcross Dr. Austin, TX 78757. They can be reached at 512-454-3859.

Mailbox Logistics

Will I get my own mailbox?

Your room key will open your mail box. For this reason you and your roommate(s) should discuss how you plan to handle each other's mail, especially whether or not you are comfortable with your roommate removing your mail from your mailbox.

My key no longer works in my mailbox. What should I do?

Go to your residence hall front desk. They can contact a locksmith to resolve the issue.

Receiving Mail

What time is mail delivered to my mail center?

The mail can arrive anytime between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Some days the mail will be delayed due to route changes, postal staffing changes, weather conditions around the country or holidays. We can never guarantee that the mail will arrive on a specific day/time.

If I am ill and unable to pick up my mail or packages, what do I do?

Please reach out to your Complex Coordinator and residence hall front desk for further instructions on how to retrieve your mail.

What should I do if I receive mail that does not belong to either me or my roommate in my mailbox?

Please return mail to your mail center that is not addressed to either you or your roommate.

What will happen if my package or mail has one of my parent’s names or my nickname in the address instead of mine?

Staff will do all they can to determine to whom the delivered package or mail belongs, but if the name on the package or envelope is significantly different than your name, the staff will be unable to determine the recipient of the mail or package and it may be returned to sender. It is important that all your mail and packages have your official name on record listed in order to eliminate confusion. Mail with no name in the address will be automatically returned to sender.

What do I do if I have changed my name or if I am using a different name than my given name?

Bring something to show proof of the new name you are using to the front desk or package pick-up center so the staff can update your mailbox. Be sure to update any permanent name changes with the Housing Office and Office of the Registrar.

What happens to my mail after I move out?

update your address. To ensure that you receive all your mail, make sure to update your mailing address with your billing companies, subscription services, friends, family, etc. After 30 days, all mail will be returned to sender.


How will I know if I receive a package?

When your package is logged at your mail center, you will receive an automatic email or text notification. We request that you wait at least three hours after receiving the email/text alert to ensure staff has had enough time to process your package before you pick it up.

What do I need with me to pick up a package?

You will need your UT ID card or government-issued photo ID. You must pick up your package in person from the mail center. A friend or family member cannot retrieve your package for you, nor can the staff bring the package to your room.

What if my tracking number says my package has been delivered, but I haven't received a notification letting me know I have a package to pick up?

Staff logs each package we receive electronically, and then notifies the resident that a package is ready to be picked up. This procedure takes time so it may mean that your package is currently being processed. Please check back later that day. If you still do not have a notification later in the day, ask the front desk staff about your package. Please bring all information about your package including the tracking number, date and time of delivery and the name of the person who signed for it so the staff can help you locate the package.

If I opt for Sunday delivery on a package, will it reach me on Sunday?

No. Our mail centers do not receive mail on Sundays, so do not pay extra for Sunday delivery.

What happens if I do not pick up a perishable package delivered from a commercial carrier?

The University of Texas at Austin is not responsible for perishable packages that are not picked up within the 48-hour required pick up time after arrival. UT reserves the right to dispose of any unclaimed perishable packages after the specific date and time has passed.

Is it possible for the mail center to hold mail for me to pick up on move in day, such as furniture or other large items?

We highly discourage students from ordering furniture and large/heavy items due to limited space at the mail centers and the difficulty of transporting these items from the mail center location to the student's room.

Sending Mail

Can I send out packages via the postal service, FedEx or UPS from the mail centers?

No. Our mail centers cannot send out packages via the postal service, FedEx, UPS or other package delivery companies.

Can I send out paper mail via the postal service from the mail centers?

No. You can instead use the many U.S. Postal Service blue boxes around campus for outgoing paper mail. Check with your area office and front desk for locations.

Can I leave a package or letter at a mail center to be picked up by a resident?

No. For safety reasons, we do NOT allow packages or letters to be dropped off at a mail center without going through an actual delivery service like the U.S. Postal Service.

Is it safe for my family or friends to send me cash through the mail?

It is never safe to send cash through the mail, whether you are sending it to a house, apartment or residence hall. We recommend that your family and friends refrain from sending cash through the mail. Look into cashier's checks, money orders, reloadable debit cards or wire transfers as an alternative.