Littlefield Residence Hall

Built in 1927 and located in the Whitis Area Community and a part of our Honors Housing, Littlefield, our oldest residence hall, is a place full of history and tradition. Freshman female residents are immersed in an environment which provides a perfect transition from home to school. Home to the popular Littlefield Patio Cafe.

Hall Features

  • Housing for Freshman Women
  • Rooms with community baths - See a Standard Littlefield floorplan
  • Littlefield Hall has Restricted Visitation policies in place for Guest Hours and Overnight Guests. Please see the Residence Hall Manual for these policy restrictions.
  • Moveable furniture
  • Sinks in most rooms
  • Individual Thermostat
  • Study lounges on each floor
  • Spacious and beautiful living room
  • TV Room
  • Verandas for relaxing, studying or visiting with friends
  • Home to Littlefield Patio Cafe
  • Located across from Kinsolving Dining
  • Convenient to shops and restaurants on the "Drag" (Guadalupe St.)

Fun Facts About Littlefield

  • The Littlefield mascot is the ladybug.
  • Their colors are green and white.
  • Their song is Littlefield Brigade.
  • The running of the L's takes place in the Fall and is a contest to see which wing can find the most paper L's hidden throughout the building.
  • A student decorated tree is put up during the winter season, used to celebrate and recognize all religions and cultures.

Littlefield Photo Gallery

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Littlefield hall Littlefield livingroom littlefield bed littlefield desk and closet
littlefield patio cafe Littlefield study time Littlefield living room Littlefield patio

In their own words

Real Residents Speak About Living in Littlefield

"It's awesome to live in a hall with so many traditions!! Also, Littlefield is a close knit community so it is really easy to make friends. It is really easy to be very active in Littlefield or be laid back. It is an awesome hall for a freshmen girl to live in, and if you join the residence hall council (called the advisory in Littlefield) you will be lucky enough to stay another year, as I did."
Ameara Mansour, Chemical Engineering Honors freshman

"I loved living in Littlefield because of the community it provided. I've met great friends, and my best memories are ones that happened right here in our hall. It transformed itself from a 'dorm' to home."
Emily Anne Fisher, Natural Sciences freshman

"Littlefield is a wonderful place to live. It is the smallest and oldest residence hall on campus, and therefore is rich with traditions. As soon as you walk through the doors you feel like you're at home. Littlefield has the best sense of community of all the halls on campus. The ladies who live in this hall will become wonderful friends to you, and your freshman year will be full of memories."
Rachel Horner, Microbiology freshman