Nutrition and Wellness

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Nutrition and Wellness
Resources and support from our food and nutrition experts.

Our award-winning Nutrition and Wellness team is here to provide support for your on-campus dining needs. Our team of registered dietitians strive to cultivate an informed and inclusive campus dining community through everything they do, from communicating ingredient and food allergen information to guests to creating educational opportunities to learn about nutrition and healthy cooking.

Meet Our Food and Nutrition Experts

University Housing and Dining has two registered dietitians on staff, who have extensive knowledge in translating nutritional science and culinary expertise into practical and sustainable food and lifestyle recommendations.

Lindsay Wilson

Lindsay Wilson, MS, RD, LD

Lindsay is a master’s level registered dietitian specializing in nutrition education and outreach, as well as management of special dietary needs, particularly food allergies. For more than nine years, Lindsay has had the opportunity to positively impact the thousands of University of Texas students on campus meal plans by advocating for healthier choices on dining hall menus, implementing food safety and food allergy best practices, and spearheading award-winning programs that educate students on how to make more informed dining decisions. Outside of work, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her family, baking and cheering on her hometown Pittsburgh sports teams.

Phone: 512.232.5636

Menu Transparency

University Housing and Dining offers a wide variety of food options in our dining venues across the Forty Acres, including menu items to support vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and halal diets. The menu offerings at each dining venue change daily, but students can stay aware of what’s available with our online dining menus.

We believe that menu transparency is an important part of the dining experience, especially for those who follow a specific diet plan. Providing nutrition facts, ingredients and allergen information, our online menu is especially helpful for students with special dietary concerns. To access full ingredient listings and nutrition facts (calories, protein, sodium, etc.), simply click on the “Nutrition” tab near each menu category, then select any menu item for detailed information. Menu information can also be found in each dining location at the nutrition information centers or via our mobile friendly menu.

University Housing and Dining identifies the eight major food allergens (milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, soy and wheat) in menu offerings at all of our dining venues. In addition, foods commonly avoided for religious or lifestyle preferences are also labeled. Be on the lookout for these icons on the digital menu boards above each serving line in the residential dining venues, as well as on the online menu and on prepackaged grab-and-go foods in the retail venues.



Whether your dietary needs are medically necessary or a cultural or lifestyle choice, we’re here to help. Contact one of our registered dietitians at if you have questions or need support managing a special diet.