Staff in Residence Halls

Resident Assistants (RA) - Resident Assistants are upperclassmen who plan and organize educational and community building activities, serve as a resource and liaison for students to the rest of UT's campus. They counsel students on academic and personal matters and enforce the policies of University Housing and Dining. RAs are peer mentors, fellow students whom residents can look up to as role models and resources.

Hall Coordinators (HC) - The Hall Coordinator is a full-time, professional staff member who supervises the RA staff and is ultimately responsible for their assigned area. Most are masterslevel professionals (the exceptions being Graduate Hall Coordinators, who are current graduate students) and specialize in behavioral and educational student development.

Area Managers (AM) - Area Managers supervise the Hall Coordinators and provide support and feedback to both HCs and RAs. Campus is broken down into three areas: Jester (Jester East & Jester West), Waller Creek (Brackenridge, Roberts, Prather, Moore-Hill, San Jacinto & Creekside) and Whitis (Andrews, Blanton, Carothers, Duren, Kinsolving, Littlefield & Whitis Court) and there is a full-time AM who oversees all Res Life operations within each area.

Building Service Managers - Building Service Managers direct all custodial operations within the residence halls. They are located in the Jester, Waller Creek and Whitis area offices. The Building Service Managers also coordinate maintenance needs with the Facilities Maintenance Managers in the North Zone and South Zone maintenance shops.

Registered Dieticians - Registered Dieticians are on staff to provide personalized information about nutrition and fitness, heart-healthy eating, vegetarian nutrition, weight management, nutrition needs, or other nutritional concerns.