Roommate Success

Living with a roommate can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences of your college career. But without proper communication and respect it can sometimes be challenging. Learn the essentials for establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with your roommate.

Step One: Roommate Assignments

The first step for many students in ensuring a healthy relationship with their roommate comes before Mooov-In: the room and roommate assignment process.

Selecting a Roommate

Students are able to select a preferred roommate, or they can opt to be matched to a roommate by University Housing and Dining.

Roughly half of the students living on campus select a preferred roommate.

  • Select a preferred roommate in your housing portal after you have a completed housing contract. Create a roommate group and invite your preferred roommate to the group. You will need your preferred roommate's UT EID. Your preferred roommate must have a completed housing contract to be able to accept your request. You and your preferred roommate must be in the same roommate group to ensure that the assignment system works properly.

Students who do not select a preferred roommate will be matched by UHD.

  • UHD will match roommates together by looking at age, classification and major.
  • Lifestyle, culture, or other personal information is neither requested nor used to make roommate assignments.
  • UHD cannot access any information from the Roommate Profiler, and it is not used by UHD when matching roommates. The Roommate Profiler can only be used by students.


After the Assignment

Official room and roommate assignments begin going out to incoming freshmen in mid-July. Once you receive your assignment, you will have your new roommate's contact info.

Start talking now. Find out what items you are planning on bringing to the room, what your new schedule looks like, etc. The more you can talk before you move in, the more prepared you will be once you start unpacking all of your belongings and setting up the room.

Some helpful things to talk about before Mooov-In are:

  • Who is bringing the TV or other large items for the room?
  • When are you planning to check-in?
  • What is your class schedule going to be like?
  • Are you a night owl? Morning person?

Step Two: Roommate Agreement

Living away from home, sharing a room (often for the first time), and immersing oneself in a diverse student community can be a rewarding as well as a challenging experience. As part of our mission, Residence Life is committed to providing a positive living environment in which all students are welcome, productive, and feel safe. However we recognize roommate conflicts do occur and resolving them is a shared responsibility between students, parents, and housing staff. In order to help facilitate communication and honesty among roommates, as well as to minimize the severity of potential conflicts that can arise, Residence Life provides students a Roommate Agreement.

Students are required to work with their roommates to fill out a detailed Roommate Agreement during the first few days after mooov-in. These forms will ask roommates to have conversations in order to reach agreements on a variety of topics in order to meet each person's needs. Topics include:

  • When the room should be quiet.
  • When guests are welcome.
  • Expectations for tidiness.

Each student also has a Resident Assistant living on the floor available to assist with conversations necessary to successfully complete the Roommate Agreement.