Eco2Go - reusable container

Use our convenient and reusable container to take your meal out of the dining halls with Eco2Go. Get your meal to go from J2 Dining, Jester City Limits and Kins Dining when you join the program.



How does the Eco2Go program work?
  • All students, faculty, staff and campus guests are welcome to participate in the Eco2Go program for a one-time $5 fee. Buy into the Eco2Go program at J2 Dining, Jester City Limits and Kins Dining and receive your Eco coin, which serves as your membership card.
  • Exchange your coin at the entrance of our dining halls for a reusable Eco2Go container that allows you to take away your meals in lieu of dining in.
  • The cashier will charge you for the meal you are taking to go. The rate you are charged depends on your meal plan.
    What meal plan do I have? How much does it cost to get my meal in an Eco2Go container?
    Resident Unlimited $7.50 + one meal swipe
    Longhorn Unlimited $7.50 + one meal swipe
    Longhorn 25 One meal swipe
    Longhorn 60 One meal swipe
    I don’t have a meal plan See our Pricing chart
  • Once you receive your container, you have 15 minutes to fill it up at your favorite station(s). Please note that the container lid must close before you exit the dining hall. To save space, you may take one piece of fruit to go that does not need to be placed within the container.
  • Once you have filled your container, exit with your meal and enjoy it wherever you like.
  • When you’re done with your meal, rinse your container and exchange it at the entrance of our dining halls for an Eco coin or another container at your next meal.
How do I pay the $7.50 charge for using Eco2Go?
  • Resident and Longhorn unlimited meal plan holders can use their available meal plan funds – Dine In Dollars, flex dollars or Bevo Pay.
  • If no funds are available, an alternate form of payment (cash or card) may be used, or more funds can be added to your Dine In Dollars or Bevo Pay account.
Can I eat my meal inside the dining hall and get an Eco2Go container of food?
  • No, you must choose to dine in or take your meal to go. The Eco2Go program is only for taking food out of the dining hall. If you choose to dine in, you cannot get an Eco container.
What if I lose my Eco coin?
  • New coins can be purchased at J2 Dining, Jester City Limits and Kins Dining for $5 each.
Can I redeem my Eco coin for cash?
  • No, coins have no cash value and can only be used to redeem Eco2Go containers.
Why can't I reuse my container without having it washed by University Housing and Dining?
  • For health and safety reasons, only properly cleaned and sanitized containers handled by University Housing and Dining staff can be used in our dining locations.

Please email the dining team if you have additional questions.