Application Process

We are now accepting applications for University Apartments contracts through June 30, 2022. You can read below for more details or visit our Apartment FAQs page. Apply now through our application portal.

How does the process work?

Step 1: Log into the application portal. Select University Apartments and click “APPLY”.

Step 2: Indicate eligibility/interest for family housing and provide apartment preferences.

Step 3: Complete Roommate Profile (Colorado [COL]/Gateway [GAT] only).

Step 4: View available apartments in the application portal. Rates are available on our website. If preferred room type is not available, you are placed on an interest list and will be notified when that room type becomes available. Visit the application portal for updates on apartment availability.

Step 5: If preferred room type is available, select the room in the application portal, pay the $50 application fee, select a move-in date (within two weeks of the date that the apartment is available) and submit application. The application will be canceled if not submitted within two business days.

Step 6: UHD will offer a contract via email within three business days of receiving a completed application. Pay the $500 deposit and sign the online contract in the application portal. The contract will be canceled if not completed within five business days.

Step 7: Submit family member information if living in Brackenridge [BRK].

Who Is Eligible for Housing?

Any student currently enrolled at the University with at least 30 credit hours or more from any university.


Applicants must be admitted to the University at the time of application and must meet the minimum enrollment hours requirement:

  • Six (6) semester hours for Dissertation
  • Nine (9) semester hours for Graduate & Law students
  • Twelve (12) semester hours for Undergraduate students


Enrollment is not required through the summer semester, however you must be admitted to UT Austin working towards a degree. The initial contract must be for a minimum of one year or longer.

Which apartment complex is right for me?

  • Brackenridge Apartments have dedicated one, two and three bedroom units that are ideal for UT Austin students seeking family housing.
  • Colorado and Gateway Apartments offer private one bedroom or shared two bedroom units with another UT Austin student.
    • Residents of the two bedroom apartments will each sign an individual housing contract and occupy their own private bedroom with a shared living area, kitchen and bathroom. Each resident will be responsible for their own rental installment and lease terms.

Additional Things To Know

  • Subleasing is not allowed and could be cause for contract termination.
  • Completing the University Apartments online orientation and returning all required documents is mandatory before move-in is scheduled.
  • Residents of Brackenridge are responsible for their own electricity and gas hook up and will be billed by the City of Austin and Texas Gas Service for these services.
    • Electricity must be in contract holder's name and the confirmation email must be submitted to the Apartments office PRIOR to move in.
  • Electricity for Colorado and Gateway is billed by the University and listed on the monthly billing statement.