Event Spaces - Virtual Tours

To explore layouts of room options, please see the 3D tours below. These virtual tours and floor plans may not represent the exact layout, size, design or inclusions of each space.

San Jacinto Multipurpose Room

Accessible Description

This event space is located on the first floor of San Jacinto Hall and comprises a 6000 square foot multipurpose room, four smaller meeting rooms and a long hallway separating them. The multipurpose room is a wide-open rectangular room with a speaker’s stage and podium located straight across from entry. This multipurpose room can optionally be divided into three smaller rooms, side-by-side, each with their own set of entry doors facing out into the hallway. It features trifold whiteboards, five floor-to-ceiling windows with curtains and trash cans placed throughout. The four meeting rooms across the hall range in size from 579 to 771 square feet. These four rooms can optionally be combined into two larger rooms. In this tour, one of the meeting rooms is arranged with theatre-style seating featuring rows of tables and chairs facing a projector. Two of the meeting rooms are arranged with collaborative-style seating featuring two long tables with chairs all around. The fourth meeting room is unavailable for viewing in this tour. Each meeting room comes with either a TV or projector system for presentations and a whiteboard. The long hallway separating the multipurpose room and the four meeting rooms provides access to restrooms, an elevator, a staircase, entrances to the hall and exits to an outdoor patio area. The hallway includes benches for guests, and a check-in table set up outside of the multipurpose room entrance. The hallway is equipped with two televisions for digital signage, along with small monitors outside every event space entrance displaying event name and times. All event spaces can be set up with conference, banquet, classroom or theatre-style seating. There is carpet flooring throughout and a combination of panel lighting and downlights on the ceiling in all spaces.


We have three screens that lower from the ceiling. All three can display the same image or run independently.


This wood compartment can be opened into a trifold whiteboard.


Restrooms and water fountains are located down the hall. There are also gender neutral restrooms upstairs.


This projector can be used as pictured or rolled up into its holster.

Cypress Bend Cafe

Cypress Bend is the cafe and market located within San Jacinto. It is a great option for participants to grab a coffee, snack or a pack of note cards.


The multipurpose room can either remain as one large room or it can be divided up into three spacious sections.


Our AV system has microphone capabilities. You can request multiple handheld or lapel microphones for your event.

AV System

We have an AV system that utilizes HDMI and VGA ports. We will gladly provide set up assistance and cords. Please bring your own laptop or device and any necessary adapters.


This is the standard location of the stage and is included in the cost of the room. It may be moved or removed at your request for a fee. We also have a ramp that can be installed at no cost if requested.


University Housing and Dining Catering is our required caterer. Learn more at our Forty Acres Catering page.

Set Up Options

We have different types of furniture and can discuss the best set up for your event. Advanced notice is required.


The capacity of the room changes depending on set up. You can find more information about capacity on our pricing chart.

Digital Signage (televisions)

These typically show information about our event space, but you are welcome to send us personalized images if you prefer those to be displayed. Advanced notice is required.

Want to book San Jacinto event space?

For more information on making requests to book an event space, please visit our Meeting & Events page.

Digital Signage

These monitors will display your event name and times. You are welcome to send us personalized images if you prefer those to be displayed. Advanced notice is required.

Registration Area

We can set up a registration area for you. You can determine the location within the hallway as well as how many tables and chairs you will need. We will supply this furniture. Advanced notice is required.


This space is located on the ground floor of San Jacinto Hall. It is accessible by a ground floor entrance, as well as stairs and elevator from the first floor.

Duren Multipurpose Room

Accessible Description

This event space is a 1613 square foot wide-open rectangular room with arrangeable furniture. In this tour, half of the room is arranged in theatre-style seating, with rows of chairs facing a podium and projector screen. The other half is arranged in classroom-style seating, with individually spaced chairs facing a desk. Both of these arrangements are facing the left upon entering through the main entry door, with the desk located on the further side of the room, past the projector and podium. To the left of the entry door, in the room’s back left corner, there is an open space for congregating. On the far side of the room, directly across from the main entry door, there is another small entry door. Additional seating lines the far and right walls of the space. The room is equipped with a high-definition sound system for presentations. It features four windows facing out into the residence hall, two storage closets, a combination of panel lighting and downlights on the ceiling, and patterned carpet flooring.