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Transformative learning experiences

Situated cognition or situational learning are learning experiences using intentional social interactions and human artifacts to generate cognitive fields based on interdisciplinary principles. These "beyond classroom" settings stimulate learning by engineering different life spaces. The list below includes residence hall settings using two modes of transformative learning experiences: reflective (intension) and active (extension) interaction. Students learn while passing by, socializing, studying, attending meetings and programs, dining, and simply living in our facilities.

Learn more about how Residence Hall Museums Offer Thought-Provoking Study Environments, at the UT Know site.

We encourage our visitors to learn about the variety of transformative learning environments that we sponsor.


Longhorn Art Series

Approaching Herd

Approaching Herd Frank Reaugh

Art in the university's residence halls provides opportunities for shared experiences, promotes critical thinking and reflection skills, understanding and appreciation of difference, and provides transformative learning experiences for the University Housing and Dining residents. It adds dimension, depth, and character to the environment. It encourages interaction, builds community among residents,and provides opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth.

Longhorn Art Series featured in Longhorn Trails magazine



The Gallery of Great Texas Women

great texas women

The Gallery of Great Texas Women is a University Housing and Dining learning environment located in Kinsolving Residence Hall.

The gallery presents the stories of hardship, sacrifices, triumphs, and historic achievements of Texas women who brought glory and fame to Texas throughout its proud history. The goal is that gallery visitors develop an appreciation of the diversity and impact Texas women have made. The gallery features photographs, biographical information and quotes of 50 women who were born in or made their significant contributions while living in Texas.



The Gallery of Texas Cultures

texas cultures

The Gallery of Texas Cultures is a University Housing and Dining learning environment located in the Jester West Residence Hall.

The gallery recognizes, celebrates, and affirms the historical and contemporary impact of 27 cultural groups of Texas by examining how each culture made contributions in politics, education, the arts and sciences. Here, visitors develop an appreciation for the diversity and differences of Texan cultures. The gallery also enhances the cultural community while providing a warm and inviting space for meetings, programs, and learning.



The Gallery of Texas Rivers

Texas Rivers Gallery

The Gallery of Texas Rivers is a University Housing and Dining learning environment located throughout Duren Residence Hall.

The gallery tells the many stories of how Texas rivers, which meander through 191,000 miles of varied landscape, have played a major role in the state's history.



The Gallery of American Indians in Texas

Gallery of American Indians in Texas

The Gallery of American Indians in Texas is a collaboration among indigenous communities, faculty, students and University Housing and Dining. Located on the second floor of the Jester West Residence Hall, the gallery celebrates the impactful history and epic journey of the first peoples of Texas, as well as their contributions to our daily lives.



The UTree Gallery

UTree logo

The UTree Gallery is a collaboration between the University Housing and Dining and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. We hope this website will transform the UT campus into an interactive learning environment.

As you walk around, look at the trees and plants around you and use this site to discover more about these vital natural resources. Learn how to recognize different varieties and the importance of native species to our ecosystem.