Meal Plans

If you choose to live on-campus with us, Dine In Dollars and Bevo Bucks are included with your room and board fees. For residents living with DHFS for the long session of 2016-17, 1500 Dine In Dollars and 300 Bevo Bucks will be included in your room and board fees. If you live with DHFS for just one semester, 750 Dine In Dollars and 150 Bevo Bucks will be included in your room and board fees. Amounts vary during summer sessions.

Dine In Dollars is a meal plan that is included with a housing contract.  You can monitor your account balance and where you are spending your Dine In Dollars and Bevo Bucks from the Web

Using Dine In Dollars is as easy as swiping your card. Just hand your UT ID to the cashier and the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your account. Dine In Dollars are accepted at all Jester and Kinsolving dining locations, as well as Cypress Bend and Littlefield Patio Cafe.

A 10% discount on food or drink items is given at all locations when Dine In Dollars or Bevo Bucks are used. Students living off-campus can take advantage of this discount too by using Bevo Bucks.


2016-2017 Prices in Buffet Dining Centers
Meal Residential Dine In Dollars Bevo Bucks
Faculty and Staff Dine In Dollars
Rollover Plan
Breakfast 3.90 5.40 6.00
Lunch 4.60 6.98 7.75
Dinner 5.00 7.87 8.75
Prices include sales tax


Manage your funds

View balances and swipes from your My Housing page or add Dine in Dollars at any time.


Important notes

When you return to live in the residence hall each fall, your Dine In Dollar balance remains the same as when you left in the spring. After you move out at the end of the semester, any remaining Dine In Dollars are transferred to a rollover account that can be used at the Bevo Bucks rate for one additional semester before they are forfeited.

If you want to add more Bevo Bucks to your account, you can join the program and add funds manually from the Bevo Bucks Online Services page.

Make sure you're keeping track of your balances. If you start to run low on Dine In Dollars, Bevo Bucks will be used instead. When this happens, you will not be charged the discounted resident price at buffet dining centers. If you do start to run low, Bevo Bucks can be manually transferred to your Dine In Dollars account from your My Housing page.