Gallery of American Indians in Texas

The Gallery of American Indians in Texas celebrates the impactful history and epic journey of the first peoples of Texas as well as their contributions to our daily lives. This gallery pays homage to the indigenous people who gave us the word Texas (a derivation of the word Taysha from the Caddo tribe) and to those who continue their cultural traditions as they reside in Texas today.

From the Apache tribes of west Texas to the Tonkawa tribes of east Texas, and all the tribes in between, this gallery tells the necessary narrative of past and current nations and covers approximately a 12,000 year period. As visitors pass through this gallery, they are plunged into an engaging and comprehensive learning environment and surrounded by images, compelling written words, and culturally significant items.

The gallery, located on the second floor of the Jester West Residence Hall, is free and open to prospective and current students as well as faculty, staff and guests when halls are open.

Images of Gallery and Opening Ceremony

Gallery of American Indians in Texas  panel displays


study space in gallery  Opening ceremony