Living Learning Communities

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What is a Living Learning Community (LLC)?

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) are residential communities that introduce and integrate academic and social learning through faculty/staff involvement and holistic education. LLCs at UT are designed to create a greater sense of community through increased opportunities for faculty and peer interaction around specific topics. Students living in LLCs live together in the same area of a residence hall and share experiences that reinforce the theme of their LLCs. LLCs provide students and faculty opportunities for connection outside the classroom and support networking across common interests.


Why would I join an LLC?

LLCs are designed to enrich the residential experience for students and connect academic and extracurricular involvement. Students in LLCs enjoy:

  • More interactions with faculty, civic leaders, and university administrators
  • Closer connections with faculty members
  • Increased sense of community at UT Austin
  • High satisfaction with their residential experience
  • Greater content knowledge in their LLC topic


What are the types of LLCs?

LLCs at UT cover a wide range of interests for students and the community. LLCs can be connected to specific academic programs, around a particular issue or interest, or be themed from a broader range of synergistic interests. Some LLCs may involve required classes or majors, while others are open to students interested in a particular lifestyle or topic.

Fall 2017 LLCs

global living learning

Global Living Learning Community

The Global LLC provides the opportunity for UT students to be placed with other students from diverse cultural backgrounds and various countries. Residents will be able to interact with students from many parts of the world through participation in social events, dinners, discussions, faculty mentorships, and residential programs. This community is a dynamic place for students to enhance their intercultural competency and cross-cultural communication skills.

Healthy Lifestyles Living Learning Community

Healthy Lifestyles Living Learning Community

The Healthy Lifestyles LLC dedicated to substance-free lifestyles, wellness goals, and peer support. Students develop individual plans for maintaining and achieving wellness in four areas: biological wellness, psychological wellness, social wellness, and making a meaningful life. These wellness plans include personal wellness or recovery, support for one another and community building, and service to the campus and community. Great for first-year students in recovery from substance use disorders, recovering from mental health conditions and seeking a sober community, or those not in recovery but dedicated to personal growth and peer support. Members of this community must abstain from intoxicating substances while in the residential area.

Women in Engineering

Women in Engineering Living Learning Community

The Women in Engineering Program (WEP) LLC provides 40 first-year engineering women with the opportunity to live together in a supportive, residential community. Members are part of a First Year Interest Group (FIG) . Make new friends quickly, form study groups and have special programming and academic support from the WEP Staff. This LLC features enrollment in a WEP FIG, an interdisciplinary community of engineering women, hands-on engineering based projects, engineering study tips & academic success seminars, weekly office hours with WEP staff and peer mentors, close proximity to the engineering complex, choice of roommate (does not have to be engineering student), tutoring & academic support and organized study sessions.

Sustainability Living Learning

Sustainability Living Learning Community

The Sustainability LLC will broadly explore the connection between environmentalism, social justice, and economic longevity, commonly considered the three major components of sustainability – planet, people, and profit. This LLC encourages people curious OR skeptical about any aspect of sustainability to join the community. The year-long program will include opportunities to study the impact of personal and social activities on the environment and vulnerable populations, understand the social and natural ecosystems of Austin and the university, and go “hyperlocal” with sustainability by designing, within the community, ways to make this LLC sustainable and enriching for all participants.

Women in Natural Sciences

Women in Natural Sciences Living Learning Community

The Women in Natural Sciences (WINS) LLC provides first-year women in Natural Sciences with the opportunity to live in a supportive residential community. This program creates networking opportunities and helps women develop close relationships with faculty, staff, and practitioners in their field. In this academic-centered community, students will improve their personal scholarly achievement within their science and enhance their understanding of careers in STEM fields.

How do I apply?

  • Start your housing application.
  • When you submit your housing preferences, select your interest in the LLC you wish you join. Note: selecting an LLC will override other preferences in the housing system.
  • Follow the LLCs instruction and timeline to complete your application. You will be asked to fill out a specific LLC application indicating why you want to join the community.
  • Each LLC has its own timeline requirements, outlined in the housing application.
  • You’ll know if you are accepted in the LLC no later than June 1.


What if I have additional questions about LLCs?

Contact DHFS Occupancy Management: