Of the Month Award

OTMs are “Of the Months” which are a way to recognize the amazing things happening on campuses across the country. At The University of Texas at Austin, the Dr. Floyd B. Hoelting Chapter of the NRHH has a process for selecting recipients of the Of the Month awards (Student OTM or First Year Student OTM).  Each month we will spotlight our monthly recipient on this page. Return on a regular basis to meet our exemplary student leaders.

May 2017 Resident Spotlight:

Jennifer Dang - Residence Hall Program Team Event Planner

When thinking about the awesome events during the month of April and the great things people did one name stood out in my mind: Jennifer Dang. Jennifer is an event planner for the Residence Hall Program Team or RHPT and proved her skills in organizing not only a popular event, but a popular series of events during the last week of April.

To give some context - during the spring semester RHPT members get to lead and plan an event of their choosing, and Jennifer chose Geekend. Geekend is a series of events during the span of a weekend that gives geeks of all fandoms an opportunity to come together and enjoy their “geekiness” with others. Jennifer started with the planning early, going to URHA meetings and asking for help from other Residence Hall Councils, since she wanted the event to be as big as possible. In total, 7 events were concocted, with Jennifer as the lead. It was her event “baby” and as such she gave it all the dedication she had to give.