Vegetarian and Vegan Dining

One of the most important ongoing initiatives for University Housing and Dining is to increase the amount of dining options available to vegetarian and vegan students. UHD dining locations currently offer vegetarian options at every meal and Cypress Bend now provides Meatless Monday dinners every week featuring exclusively vegetarian and meatless entrees. The Vegetarian Focus Group allows students to provide our staff with feedback on their dining experiences so that we can better suit their dietary needs and wants.

UHD makes it easy to locate vegetarian and vegan food items, just look for the vegetarian and vegan food identification icons on our online menu, at nutrition information stations, and on grab-and-go prepackaged food items. Students can also contact Lindsay (Gaydos) Wilson, our registered dietitian, at (512) 232-5636 or, or ask the manager at your favorite UHD location for assistance.

If you're interested in learning more about vegetarian and vegan options on campus join us for the Vegetarian Focus Group, held the first Wednesday of every month. The group is led by our registered dietician, Lindsay (Gaydos) Wilson and gives students the chance to share their opinions on our vegetarian and vegan offerings. Attendees receive free entry for dinner that evening, get to sample new food items, and can connect with other vegetarians on campus. Feel free to stop by the Vegetarian Focus Group with you questions, concerns, and recommendations.