Ditch the styrofoam and cardboard containers. Stick to our BPA-free, dishwasher-safe Eco2Go containers! Not only are they reusable, they’re recyclable and even microwave-safe.    

Busy day? Never miss a meal again!

Join the program for $5 by signing up at the designated "Eco2Go" station in any of our dining establishments, now including J2 and Kinsolving. The program enables our customers to decrease their waste and add convenience if they are taking food to go. Participation in the program also sees an added benefit of a 5% discount per meal at Jester City Limits, Cypress Bend Cafe and Little field Patio Cafe.

With the enhanced University Housing and Dining Eco2Go program, you can now stop into J2 and Kinsolving, swipe your meal card, and take a few minutes to fill up an Eco2Go container with your favorite foods before heading to class or a study session.

Just eat, rinse and return your container to continue your participation in the Eco2Go program. Check out the Eco2Go Brochure for all the details.