Vending Machines

Vending machines for beverages and snacks are provided in each hall. You may use Bevo Pay in vending machines in the residence halls. Please report any broken or empty machine by submitting the Online Vending Machine Service Request. Please note: this form is for reporting mechanical problems on a specific vending machine. Please consult your hall desk for all refund inquiries.

There are some healthy vending options located in some of the University Housing and Dining facilities. See the Wellness Network’s Healthy Vending Map to find healthy vending options on campus.

It is a violation of university policy and state law to tamper with or vandalize a vending machine. Theft of product or vandalism will be investigated through the University Police Department.


Loss of Funds

Where to go:

  • Jester residents can report losses to the East or West desks.
  • Waller Creek residents can report losses to the Roberts, Moore-Hill or San Jacinto hall desks.
  • Whitis residents can report losses to the Kinsolving or Quad Desks.

What to do:

Fill out a Vending Refund Request Form provided by the desk and return it to the desk.

How the Refund Process Works:

Once you fill out the vending refund request form and turn it into the area desk, please allow up to two weeks for the refund process to be completed.
The method of payment used will determine how your refund is processed.

  • If you paid with Bevo Pay, your refund will be added to your Bevo Pay account.
  • If you paid with cash, your refund will be processed by UHD and distributed by Student Accounts Receivable. Be advised that if you owe the university any outstanding bills your refund will get applied to that bill. There are no checks paid out for less than $0.50.