Current Resident FAQs

What if I want to live in Honors Housing?
  • Only Honors Hall residents are eligible to request a room in the Honors Halls. If you currently live in the Honors Halls, you will be given the option to request Honors Housing when you update your housing choices.
  • If you do not currently live in Honors but are interested in the Residential Honors program, you can go to the My Housing page and indicate your interest in Honors. Students interested in living in the Honors Halls will be reviewed by the Honors Center.
What if I have a poor payment history or a poor disciplinary status with University Housing and Dining?
  • If you have a Housing bar or a past due balance you will NOT be eligible to receive a contract.
  • If you receive a contract and have a poor payment history or a poor disciplinary status, your contract will be cancelled at the sole discretion of University Housing and Dining.
What if I would like a single space?
  • If you currently have a single, a single contract will be offered. Single contract offer deadlines are typical earlier than shared space contract offers, so make sure you check your account carefully. Residents who live in a Littlefield single are not automatically offered a single contract.
  • New single requests can be considered when you indicate your request with your contract housing choices online. Singles are offered based on availability and original date of application.
Should I verify my housing status after I receive my room assignment?