Application Process

Who Is Eligible for Housing?

Any student currently enrolled at the University with at least 30 credit hours or more from any university.


Applicants must be admitted to the University at the time of application and must meet the minimum enrollment hours requirement:

  • Six (6) semester hours for Dissertation
  • Nine (9) semester hours for Graduate & Law students
  • Twelve (12) semester hours for Undergraduate students


Enrollment is not required through the summer semester, however you must be admitted to UT Austin working towards a degree. The initial contract must be for a minimum of one year or longer.


When the contract is signed, applicants are required to provide one of the following for each member residing in the apartment:
Adults (18 & over)-Photo ID

  • Passport/VISA
  • UT ID
  • Driver's license
  • Any government issued ID

Minors (under 18)-Proof of relationship to contract holder

  • Birth Certificate
  • I-20
  • Any other legal document verifying proof of relationship

Please read our Guest procedure for more information.


  • Subleasing is not allowed and could be cause for contract termination.
  • A student is limited to a maximum stay of seven years attending the University
  • Completing the University Apartments online orientation and returning all required documents is mandatory before move-in is scheduled.
  • Residents of Brackenridge are responsible for their own electricity and gas hook up and will be billed by the City of Austin and Texas Gas Service for these services.
    • Electricity must be in contract holder's name and the confirmation email must be submitted to the Apartments office PRIOR to move in.
  • Electricity for Colorado and Gateway is billed by the University and listed on the monthly billing statement.

As of February 1, 2019, there are currently 929 applicants waiting for an apartment. If you apply at this time, your expected wait time for an apartment will be two (2) years or longer.

Application Requirements

  • Full-time admission, actively pursuing a degree at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Must meet the minimum hours requirements - Six (6) semester hours for Dissertation, nine (9) semester hours for Graduate & Law students & twelve (12) semester hours for Undergraduate student
  • UTEID (UTEID Help Suite)
  • Personal information on student applicant
  • Personal information on other members that will reside with the student applicant
  • Payment of a $50 nonrefundable application fee


  • Complete the SECURE online application and click on the CONFIRM button.
  • Pay the non refundable $50 application fee to activate your application choosing one of these methods:
    • Credit card - MasterCard, Discover, American Express
    • E-check
  • To cancel your application, click on the Cancel Application Button
  • To update your application, go here
  • Important Note: The apartment applicant will become the contract holder after signing the contract. The contract cannot be transferred to other people such as friends, spouses, family members, registered guests, etc.

How Apartment Offers Are Made

  • When apartments become available, offers are sent out to students via email.
  • Be sure your email address is current in the University Directory.
  • Be sure your email settings will accept University emails.
  • You will select an apartment from those that are currently available.
  • Selection will be based on the total number of occupants listed on your application.
  • Respond to the offer within 72 hours, pay the deposit and rent in order to secure it.
  • NOTE: Once you select an apartment, you CANNOT make changes. Contact the office BEFORE making payment, if you made a mistake in your apartment selection.
  • Failure to respond and make payment in a timely manner will result in cancellation of the offer and you will be placed back on the wait list.
  • After four (4) offers, if no apartment has been selected, the application will be canceled.
  • If you have any questions, call (512) 232-5299 for assistance.