Forty Acres Catering

forty acres catering

Forty Acres Catering

Forty Acres Catering is an affordable pick-up catering option for faculty and staff. We offer a wide variety of breakfast items, sandwiches and wraps, appetizers, pizzas, and gift items to make your day a bit easier from our link in TX Shop. Select your items from our menu, and designate your pick-up location, time and date. All items are pick-up only; there is no delivery service available. You will need to set-up your customer profile prior to checkout. Select your payment option. Enter your IDT or personal credit card and that's all it takes.


  • All items require 48 hours' notice.
  • Items ordered are pick-up only; there is no delivery service available.
  • Volume discounts are available on some items
  • All items include disposable service ware as applicable.
  • Prices do not contain sales tax and are subject to change.
  • If paying by IDT, you acknowledge that you will forward a completed OOEF form to the Office of Accounting.
  • No OOEF is required when using a personal credit card and transactions will be subject to sales tax.

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