UT Green Corps

Mission Statement

The Green Corps Program is a multifaceted program built around three areas of focus: Sustainable Campus Farming, Zero Waste, and Sustainability Outreach and Education.. Like other existing “Corps” organizations, the Green Corps program is founded in the concept of experiential education and the drive to provide students with diverse opportunities that can develop their professional skills.

Green Corps offers concurrent opportunities in the following areas: sustainable campus farming, zero waste, and outreach and education. Sustainable campus farming opportunities include garden management, planting, weeding, harvesting, and composting at our two on-campus gardens. The food harvested from the gardens is then used in the dining halls. Zero waste opportunities include plate waste studies and waste audits to improve campus-wide strategies that further reduce how much University Housing and Dining sends to the landfill. Sustainability Education and Outreach opportunities include creating and facilitating events, focus groups, and presentations that educate the UT student body about local and global environmental issues. By combining these three areas of focus, Green Corps provides a co-curricular program that fosters educational growth, professional development, and environmental stewardship in its participants, and in turn, the UT Austin community.

Our 2016-2017 Team:
Neil Kaufman, Sustainability Coordinator
Matt Rogers, Garden Supervisor
Laura Bliss, Outreach Coordinator
Nicolas Birk, Outreach Student Manager
Christopher Bourbois, Garden Student Manager
Katherine Strain, Zero Waste Student Manager
Kathryn Elston, Student Assistant
Niku Hansen, Student Assistant
Samantha Haight, Student Assistant
David Kim, Student Assistant
Katherine Bui, Student Assistant
Cheryl Meredith, ULN Sustainability Intern
Rogelio Garcia, ULN Sustainability Intern