Gallery of Texas Rivers

gallery of texas rivers

The Gallery of Texas Rivers in Almetris Duren Residence Hall illustrates the important role of Texas Rivers in carving, shaping, and decorating the state geographically, historically, and demographically.

From the moss-draped, cypress-lined streams of East Texas and bayous of the piney woods, to the spring-fed and limestone-bedded rivers of the Edwards Plateau, to the rain and snow-fed arroyos of the Trans-Pecos mountains and high plains, to the steep-walled canyons of the Rio Grande, Texas Rivers are as varied as the geography of the state.

The Gallery of Texas Rivers features the Rio Grande, Sabinal, Angelina, Guadalupe, Frio, Colorado, Llano, Pedernales, Devils, Blanco, Pecos, Paluxy and Canadian Rivers. Each lounge and conference room in Duren Hall features a different Texas river in photographs and narratives. Students and visitors to the Gallery of Texas Rivers gain a sense of how important rivers have been to Texas and what a critical resource they will continue to be for the Lone Star State.


  • Recognize the importance of Texas Rivers in the past and value the resource they will be in the future
  • Obtain a sense of environmental responsibility to maintain Texas Rivers
  • Gain a greater knowledge of the geography of Texas rivers

The experience of Texas Rivers is intended to linger well past the time spent in Duren Hall. The gallery is designed to inspire a wider consciousness of the rivers of Texas, to stimulate an effective and vibrant learning community and to motivate life-long learning.